Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Zaggora - Hotpants a Little News!

I'm feeling great today.  I started jogging last week. So far I've been running three times.  Even thou I'm terribly unfit I'm feeling so pleased for trying.   Plus this is my first experience of running outdoors, I like it... Definitely a feeling of feeling free springs to mind. 

So far so good, I just have to keep on going, until find can find my pace.  Its all jogging and walking at the moment.  But this is the start!  

I have pulled out all my Zaggora fitness wear, which has been stuffed in a draw feeling neglected. I have totally forgotten how Zaggora works. Its sucks me in all the right places, and when I start sweating the fabric generates more heat causing me to super sweat. I know I've pushed myself to the limit when I take off my Hotpants and the are soaking wet. Yep they have been working a treat. 

I have mostly been wearing; Hotpant The Originals They are super comfy once on. Great for tummies, bums, hips & tights, also I've been wearing The hot top I have a black one, great for tummies, waists, breasts and back.
Both these products have the Celu-Lite Technology™ its a patent pending, multi-layer fabric technology that harnesses the body’s natural heat during exercise to help you burn more calories. Read more on the Science

I have been a little proactive, I contacted Zaggora at the beginning of last week as I am Ambassador, I want to embrace Zaggora again. I want to get back into shape.  Its been well over a year since I've done anything Zaggora based. I had some great news when I contacted them, they are having an Ambassadors get together on the 2 June. Which I have been now invited too. I'm extremely excited I hope to meet some old faces and new team members, there has been some changes within the organisation in the pass year. Fingers crossed I am also hoping to see all the ranges first hand.

I look forward to giving all you lovely an update next week. I'm really looking forward to next Sunday and hopefully I can tell you what Zaggora have planned in the pipeline.

I highly recommend if you want get fit and havent a clue wear to start, try just walking, big or fast steps and build-up yourself upto a workout, a little sweat goes a long way.

Have a look at the Zaggora range, there is something there for everyone big & small sizes available for women. It's all new and improving, currently they have been taking over the The United States. 

These are my words, I'm an avid Zaggora Fan.  Have a look at their website: Zaggora.com

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