Monday, 6 May 2013

My Philips TV - GOOD BYE!! TV LOVE

This is a little strange, TV love! 

The first time I saw you I fell in love, you're the first expensive present I bought for myself at 18.  I haggled with the man in the Living store, Kings Mall, Hammersmith! He give me a discount, I think because I was a girl.

I put you in pride of place in bedroom showered you with videos and Playstation games.  Then when I have moved around & finally got my own place, you lived in the living room. standing tall & proud and gave you DVD's and treated you to a Love Film subscription. You have brighted up my evening with Hollyoaks, The Simpson, This Life & Shamless to name a few.

You had kept me entertained over the years, all day, weekends, even into the small hours of the night, with things like James Whale, The Equalizer, Blind-date and watching 10.000's of films. When I lived with my best friend, she would complain she could hear you thought the wall. But I still loved you all the same.
I dusted your top and sides all the time and you treated me to dramas, quiz shows, Eastenders & Corrie our favourite evening shows.

I have had in my life for a very long time, almost 20 years, you been with me longer then any boyfriend I have had. You have travelled with me everywhere and over London to be fair.
I even lent you to my boyfriends dad and you returned home and the switched had happened, I gave you my my boys to show them DVD's, reruns of Thomas the Tank Engine and Monster Inc, Cars again and again and much, much more for bedtime movie fun.They played games, entertained them playing on the Wii, Super Mario Cars & Donkey Kong for hours on end.

Now I know your had a loose connection in your back but today you said no more! To be honest I have no idea how you have keep going for so long.  I'm sad you're leaving. But you dont look a day over 2 years old!

You're going to the junk yard in the sky! And you'll be one of the oldest there so everyone else will give you respect!

Bless you my Philips TV, you have been the best! We're all going to miss you.... Now its time for a rest! x

Model: 21PT166B/05 Thanks Philips :D