Sunday, 12 May 2013

My Home Luxury Manicure, Kure Bazaar Polish & Nailgirls Review

I have only had my nails done by a 'professional' twice. Once the manicurists wanted to file my nails flat, because that was the fashion! I refused and insisted they be curved.  Anyway both times I wasn't impressed.  I much prefer to do a brilliant home job, getting it right!  

 My usual suspects from left to right
Mavala Nail harder, Nailgirls Treat(s)ments; Cuticle Conditioner, Super Base & Superfinish & my loved Stylfile. 
New to the firm, Kure Bazaar; So Vintage

I start by filing each nail, from corner to center of my nail, leftside then rightside. The Stylfile is fantastic if you want to have oval or rounded nails. 

I have bowl of hot/warm water, I add a few drops of olive oil & half a lemon's juice squeezed in it too. (my family joke I'm making a dressing)
I rest my fingers in the bowl for 5 to10 minutes for a relaxing soak. The olive oil conditions the skin, softens my fingers tips, the lemon juice whitens my nails. 

Now is the time to apply hand lotion, make sure the lotion has absorbed completely before carrying on.

 Apply Mavala Nail harder, its a transparent greeny blue liquid, it vanishes into my nail, great for weak & brittle nails, it strengthens them. I recommend use every week, you'll notice a big improvement in a couple of months.

Nailgirls have a great range of colours, they also offer a treatment range; Treat(s)ment. Cuticle conditioner; with sweet almond oil & ginseng root, I apply a dab to my cuticle and massage into my cuticle with my other hand giving them a good rub, now I push my cuticles back. 
Super base time, it does what it says on the tin. I apply a thin even coat, masking any small ridges for a smoother finish. 

Finished look :D
Now colour; I have never used Kure Bazaar before, I love the colour, its rich, eye catching and looks luxurious in the bottle.  I only needed one coat for a pristine finish. The polish is not runny nor too thick, just right for a glorious finish. I am very impressed, loved the colour and the neat finish.  I used Nailgirls Superfinish to lock in the polish in. 

My nails feel like superstars, glamorous and rather sexy.  
They look like I've paid £30 in a Saloon! 

So Vintage 

The products I use make cost a little more then some other brands, but I'm saving myself a fortune not visting the salon. 
 (I will advise how long it lasted)

Cuticle Conditioner £10.50
Super Base £10.50
Superfinish £10.50

Mavala Scientifique most major high street chemist & department retailers from £5.60

John and Ginger (purchase in UK online) 
So Vintage £14.95

I have not been sponsored for the this. Just because I love my nails. I hope to do more polish updates.