Monday, 6 May 2013

Good-bye Dry, Hello Divine! E45 Nourish & Restore Body lotion (Review)‏ - normal to dry skin

I love creams and have tried a lot of products over the years. My face, hands and body are creamed daily, its a religion. I cant bear having crispy skin.
I've been a user E45 since being a little girl, stuffing eczema, having dry skin patches in my teens. Its a brand I used to associate as a no frills product too when I was young.  I was very wrong, its a brand proven to medicate people suffering with dry skin. Its dermatological tested!

These days having two young boys, I spend time crawling on the floor, playing with my boys.
Also I wear boots and trainers mostly in the winter/colder months as the weather is always changing, mostly wet, cold & windy. These little changes in my life and the added affect of aging.  Has caused my body to change. Its nothing too awful and there are problem areas my, knees & hands are screaming for cream all the time. Now the sun is peeping through, I'm feeling guilty I haven't been taking care of myself for as much I should of been.

BzzAgent were looking for testers E45 Nourish & Restore Cream! I've jumped at the chance.

I shower most mornings, before dressing I cover myself in lotion/cream  I find doing this right after having a bath or shower, its locks the moisture in, leaving my skin feeling softer for longer.  I also notice with a good lotion the following day when washing, if its still there its good as it long lasting. 

I found the lotion just right, its a little running, melts in the my skin, definitely leaving my skin feeling & looking nourished, its non-greasy. It needed a minute to dry (which you'll notice in your hands right after using) but my skin is left looking radiate, feeling supple & soft. Hours later my skin still felt & looked the same bear the palms of my hands, so I would keep reapplying.

Problems areas; like my knees, after a week of using it once a day, I saw a great improvement. No longer looking dry and my skin feels so much softer.

Top normal dry; bottom 1 week late well nourished skin

Its is slight fragrances, reminds me of a very mild baby lotion.  Its pleasant and not over powering at all.

Overall 5/5 stars - I would highly recommend anyone to use this product, I found it great!

Can be bought in most chemists and supermarkets approx. £4.00 for 250ml!

Fancy a try before you buy? Get sample here >> E45 Samples

Info found online: E45
E45 Nourish and Restore body lotion has been specially enriched with natural oils and Vitamin B3, making it a fantastic gentle skin care product for mature skin.
Part of the range of good skin care products developed by the skin care experts at E45, it nourishes and helps restore supple, softer and noticeably glowing skin in just three weeks.
Its unique Constant Moisture Build™ formula is enriched with naturally derived lipid and glycerine that work with your skin to replenish lost hydration and then build and maintain it throughout the day.
It is clinically proven as a 24 hour dry skin moisturiser.
E45 Nourish and Restore body lotion is light weight and quickly absorbed, non-greasy, hypoallergenic and lightly fragranced, making it perfect for normal to dry skin, and it is even a good sensitive skin moisturiser.
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