Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Getting back into the swing of things

I'm pleased to say I haven't been feeling lazy this week, pretty much the opposite. I have been taking my dog for mega walks. which is a long walk through the moor and along the River Gade which is close to where I live.

Today even thou I was wearing a massive coat and jeans, I did a little jogging. I could feel my leg opening-up, it felt good!

It was great to see how my dogs reaction. As I want him to run with me. I'm guessing he found this fun, he kept running into me and jumping at me, trying to play tag of war with his the lead.

So after this mornings adventure I'm tempted to wear my hotpants tomorrow and go for a proper run. I'm a bit nervous but I have to start somewhere, I haven't been running for over a year.  I really need the exercise and most importantly its FREE!    

I hope my poochie enjoys it and doesnt chase me in the Gade!

Fingers crossed for tomorrows adventure!