Wednesday, 1 May 2013

30 Ways to Save £1 (or more)


I'm always interested in saving a penny or two... It does all add! I left my full time job a couple of year ago.  So I definitely understand what it like to cut down on luxuries.  I try to make the most of my money and make it spread!

MoneySupermarket.Com are currently looking for bloggers who can save a £1 or more, posting at least 30 tips! These are mine!  I hope these savvy saving tips can help you too.

Here are my tips to SAVE a £1 if not MORE! 

1) Collect & USE money off vouchers... They are no good tucked away in your draws for a raining day. Advice, check the products you're buying and pick-up the packages with promotions & discounts.

2) Registered with My Voucher Codes a free site; which is updated regularly for the latest offers for restaurants & clothing shops. Usually offering massive discounts on clothes, free delivery codes and buy one get one free on meals.

3) I recently came across a new site Stuffster Its amazing. I ask the site to track goods, I tell the site how much money I'm prepared to pay for the goods. (Great if you are super organised & shop in advice) If the goods hit my price target I requested I get an email alerting me. Biggest saving yet £260 bike reduced to £180, my target was £200!

4) Follow your favourite brands on Facebook & Twitter, a lot of companies do offer freebies and host competitions and give away discount vouchers

5)  When buying large household goods, such as TVs - try exdisplay models. I recently decided I wanted a NEW TV. I found an exdisplay model with a 50% discount. The TV came with 1 year warranty and to be on the safe side I purchased a 4 years insurance costing £120. I still saved £200 and I have peace of mind if it blows-up (My TV is great, looks brand new - picture perfect)

6) Shopping for hotels, insurances, comparison sights are fantastic, Money Supermarket has a great tips as an all rounder!

7) If there particular books, console games and DVD/Blu Rays, I want, I always do a price comparison, with online price comparison sites, also Ebay (buy it now - best price and cheapest auction) & Amazon, I buy the cheapest. These good are mostly like new if 2nd hand

8) Get your friends together arrange for swaps, Games, DVD/Blu Rays, books, CDs are fantastic

9) When shopping in the big supermarkets, buy own brands, spices, tin tomatoes,  kidney beans also this like Medicines:  Paracetamol. They are far cheaper then the big brands and taste the same

10) Shopping in budget shops for branded goods, great bargains to be had, Icelands & The Pound shop are fantastic

11) I love buying one get one free offers, on everything including food (I freeze a lot of food including things like milk & cheese) & toiletries.

12) Buy in bulk, my local butchers sales 36 sausages for £9. They taste better then the supermarkets brands. I bag them as 6 and stick them in the freezer! Item such as Rice & Tea Bags, Toilet Paper you can really save a pretty penny

13) Its True January sales are brilliant for gifts for the entire year / Christmas & birthdays, also with 2 young sons they are invited to parties all the time, the sales come in handy for presents!

14) If you lose weight, sale your clothes, Gumtree & Ebay are great, put the money you make together and buy something new that fits.

15) I love Ebay, everything is available there, new as well as 2nd hand. Great way to save money of new & 2nd hand goods. They also have a great range of branded companies selling clearance goods with great discounts. And a host of Top daily deals.  Everything purchased you can claim Nectar card points too! 

16) Buy fresh fruit & veg from the market, its much cheaper and you'll get much for your money.

17) Grow your own herbs much cheaper then shop bought and they keep growing, you can also cut them and pop them in the freezer to stay fresh

18) Upcycle, Get the kids favourite old clothes and make neat pillow/Cushion cases and curtains out of them. You could also make little clothes for their toys too is great fun

19) Get a bike or walk everywhere, wasting money on short journey's on transport and driving.

20) Subscribe to you favourite magazine & Newspapers save a bucket load and you'll usually get a freebies for joining.

21) If you have a gym membership you DONT use! CANCEL IT. Go jogging

22) Same with monthly subscriptions not being used. things like Love film or other movie channels cancel them

23) If you're not using all your monthly mobile minutes, down grade tariff, shop around for the package to suit you, you'll save a pack.

24) Turn off all socket switches at bedtime.

25) Take showers rather then baths

26) Buy a Sodastream, saving money on fizzy drinks & you're saving the environment the same time

27) When going to the cinema, pack your snacks rather then buy them at the cinema.

28) If you want to attend large exhibition & shows, call in advise before booking full price tickets. Some show offer large discount and free entry if you turn-up for the last hour. Its always worth a try.

29) Have a night in with the girls (friends), everyone brings a bottle and some nibbles! You'll save a packet and can actually have a conversation not SHOUTING OVER MUSIC

30) If you enjoy drinking out. Join your local social club, usually for a cheap yearly membership. The cost of alcoholic drinks will be far cheaper then the pub & bars in the long run

If you have some tips please share them here, I'd love to hear about them.

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