Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Competition time! House of Holland for Pretty Polly Stripe Knee Highs Pink Socks

Hi Everyone

I've had an eventful Week & Bank Holiday Weekend, so for the last 2 days I've been taking it easy, with my feet up.

Well saying that, its half-term and my delightful little boys have been keeping me on my toes.

But being honest its never peaceful in my house, less so this week.  

On Friday I will be in for a treat I will be attending #SecretSession Whats that?  Haha I won a competition with BlackBerry UK on Twitter.  I shall be taken to a secret location and imagine will be blown away by ALICIA KEYS.

To say I'm having kittens is an understatement.  Alicia is a goddess with an amazing voice that can fill a room and make it explode. Ohh I'm so excited.  I hope to tell you all about it very soon.

Weekly giveaway! I'd like to know how have you been SURPRISED by taken to a secret location!!!! Or have you ever Surprised someone? What did you do?
This week I'm giving away House of Holland range by Pretty Polly; Stripe Knee Highs Pink Socks, they are so cute. Let your legs do the walking!

#LBLGiveaway time.

I hope you like them >>>

All the best and have a great week :D


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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Zaggora - Hotpants a Little News!

I'm feeling great today.  I started jogging last week. So far I've been running three times.  Even thou I'm terribly unfit I'm feeling so pleased for trying.   Plus this is my first experience of running outdoors, I like it... Definitely a feeling of feeling free springs to mind. 

So far so good, I just have to keep on going, until find can find my pace.  Its all jogging and walking at the moment.  But this is the start!  

I have pulled out all my Zaggora fitness wear, which has been stuffed in a draw feeling neglected. I have totally forgotten how Zaggora works. Its sucks me in all the right places, and when I start sweating the fabric generates more heat causing me to super sweat. I know I've pushed myself to the limit when I take off my Hotpants and the are soaking wet. Yep they have been working a treat. 

I have mostly been wearing; Hotpant The Originals They are super comfy once on. Great for tummies, bums, hips & tights, also I've been wearing The hot top I have a black one, great for tummies, waists, breasts and back.
Both these products have the Celu-Lite Technology™ its a patent pending, multi-layer fabric technology that harnesses the body’s natural heat during exercise to help you burn more calories. Read more on the Science

I have been a little proactive, I contacted Zaggora at the beginning of last week as I am Ambassador, I want to embrace Zaggora again. I want to get back into shape.  Its been well over a year since I've done anything Zaggora based. I had some great news when I contacted them, they are having an Ambassadors get together on the 2 June. Which I have been now invited too. I'm extremely excited I hope to meet some old faces and new team members, there has been some changes within the organisation in the pass year. Fingers crossed I am also hoping to see all the ranges first hand.

I look forward to giving all you lovely an update next week. I'm really looking forward to next Sunday and hopefully I can tell you what Zaggora have planned in the pipeline.

I highly recommend if you want get fit and havent a clue wear to start, try just walking, big or fast steps and build-up yourself upto a workout, a little sweat goes a long way.

Have a look at the Zaggora range, there is something there for everyone big & small sizes available for women. It's all new and improving, currently they have been taking over the The United States. 

These are my words, I'm an avid Zaggora Fan.  Have a look at their website:

Dont be shy, leave me a comment!


Come Round Party; Mad Hatter Tea Party; Morphy Richards 43960 Accents Filter Jug Stainless Steel Kettle Brushed, 1.2 Litre, 3000 Watt Review

On Sunday, 26th May I was very lucky enough to host my ever first Come Round Party.
The party theme was the a Mad Hatter Tea Party, well I was delighted, I dont really need an excuse to dress-up. So I was really excited and lucky me, I got to test out the  Morphy Richards BRITA Accents Kettle

Party Pack received #Impressive  

 I invited all my family and bunch of friends; It was excellent and we even had a great weather!

So from all of us! CHEERS! To your Good health!

May I introduce you to the   
Morphy Richards 43960 Accents Filter Jug Stainless Steel Kettle Brushed, 1.2 Litre, 3000 Watt

Morphy Richards 43960 Accents Filter Jug Stainless Steel Kettle Brushed, 1.2 Litre, 3000 Watt

BRITA Maxtra filter

The Maxtra filter slots into the white jug

The jug slots in the kettle, its stops half way down.

Slowly pour water into the jug, there is a Max sign to ensure no over fill and all the water gets filtered, this is enough for 2 standard brews

Water takes a couple of minutes to filter though

The handle shows how much BRTA fliter is left

Just push the start button to activate it
Switch Kettle on!
Make a brew 

The retail price is £49.99 currently reduced to £44.98 on Amazon


I've fallen in love with this kettle, making a brew is an Englishmens art! Everyone has their own special way of making the right cuppa. This kettle is a solid piece of kitchen kit, it makes its self right at home wherever its plugged in. Its not loud when its being used, looks modern with smooth lines. Its slightly larger then the average kettle but this is to accommodate the Brita Filter. Thats right, its a filter kettle. I had never heard of such a thing until recently. A Brita filter is popped in to the kettle giving approximately 4 weeks of purer, cleaner water! I've used my kettle a couple of times, my cuppa's have felt lighter in my mouth, I can taste the coffee, tea & milk more, herbals teas taste super fruity without a grainy after taste.
But for me the Pièce de résistance is the fact the my kettle will be clean, no more lime scale building-up. No more having to descale my kettle, my kettle will remain shining and new inside & out. I hate limescale in my kettles, it's really made me think, what the heck could I be drinking.
I'm really looking forward to drinking plenty cups of Tea & Coffee and tasting the difference.
I love it however the upkeep of buying the Brita filters will be annoying so in the long run to have prefect tea will cost a lot more then the average kettle. However I will have to remind myself this isn't an average kettle, its a superior kettle indeed!


Thank you Come Round for letting me host. If any of my readers would like to host a party too; I suggest sign-up to their News Letters: Come Round New Starters 
Contact details

I have been given the kettle to review, this is my honest opinion

Do not be shy, leave me some feed-back 

Tuesday, 21 May 2013


I woke the other morning to a lovely message, from Dellilah a fellow blogger Dellilahs Notebook and she shares my passion for Comping!

She very kindly nominated me for a Liebster award! Ohhh I thought how lovely, my Blog does actually get read :D Hello Dellilah, lovely lady and thank you kindly for nominating me.

To be honest I have no idea what this award means.  Dellilah has kindly given me guildlines what to do aka The Rules

1. Each blogger should answer the questions the tagger has set for them.
2. Choose 11 new bloggers to pass the award onto and link them in your post.
3. Create 11 new questions for the chosen bloggers.
4. Go back to their page and tell them about the award.
5. Each blogger should post 11 Random facts about themselves.
6. No tag-backs! 
7. Nominees should have less than 200 followers.

So for my adoring readers to get to know me a bit better here goes:

Dellilahs' Questions:

Q. If  you a 1£, whats the first thing that comes to your mind to buy?
A. Little choccie spiderman lollies for my boys. I spend my very last penny on them #Fact

Q. You would love to trade places with ....?
A. With myself 10 years ago, just for 48hours of pure fun! I'm content never wanted to be anyone else.

Q. If you could do one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
A. Running, long distance running, meaning being fit & healthy

Q. Coming to beauty, do you spend more time on your face or hair?
A. Face, I'm crazy for skincare and I love make-up with a passion

Q. One key item every girl should have in her closet?
A. Sparkly Top

Q. What is the reason behind your blog name?
A. There's an Old Skool track  Just 4 U London I love this tune, reminds me of being young, growing-up in London. I'm proud to be a Londoner

Q. If you were a singer, what would you name your first album?
A. If only I knew what I know now when I was 18.

Q. Is there any word you use alot in your conversation?
A. Not really, but I do call my boyfriend Babe.  

Q. Which clothing and makeup brand never fails you? Please mention both.
A. I love Wallis, I'm getting a little older and they have such elegant clothes, they wear well and are affordable.
Make-up, I've stacks of the stuff and I tend to buy brands for particular product i.e Bourjois for eye shadows. However, my MUST HAVE is Rimmels Glameyes Professional liquid liner. I've been using there liquid eyeliners since the tender age of 14.#TheBest

Q. I would love to know, is there any unusual item you own?
A. My Mouse he hides my cheese!

I hope this have given you an insight to me.

Now I'm a very curious person, I love to research things getting facts and figures right.  I have never heard of 'Liebster Awards' before.  I've never seen it posted on any blog either.   Lucky for me other bloggers have been just as curious so I didn't have to do so much noisy around.

The word Liebster is a German word, meaning Dearer.  So the translation is The Dearer Award.  Its a very indearing award, an award passed on from blogger to blogger meaning for a dear friend, great endearing read. I'm guessing here best to make your know opinion. This reminds me of a sort of a chain letter without a threat of some sort curse happening if you dont pass on the info.

Now the rules which have been advised are very clearly above but like Chinese whispers its appears the rules have changed over the 3 years form the original (supposedly as the original post can not be located) Details found here on Sopphey Says blog.
She mentions nominate 5 bloggers and the nominated bloggers can have upto 3000 followers!  Also no mention of questions.  Chinese Whispers indeed!
Now I always enjoy a good games of Chinese Whispers, I will adhere to Dellilahs' rules!

My 11 Bloggers are;

Tracey Hodgson Fantastic Fun Fashion
Melanie Edjourian Melanies Fab Finds
Nicola Titus-Powell My PT Llife
Vi Goriami Goriami Family
Lucy Dorrington The Parent Game
Kim Carberry Northumberland Mam
Julie Roo M Mummys Random Blog
Jayne Townson 7hippopotamus
Joanna Smith Carsons Mummy
Wendy Hirst Savette
Sonya Kemp A Lover of Books

These are some lovely reads! 

My Questions:

Whats your favourite Film?

Do you prefer a bath or shower?

Whats your funniest experience?

Can I have your best money saving tip?

Which cleaning product do you highly recommend?

Tights or bare legs?

Whats your vice?

What do you like to do to relieves stress?

What's your favourite book?

What was your first pet?

Do you like men with a hairy chest?

11 Random facts

I've had all my hair shaved off

I love dancing

I cant drive

I've never had a broken bone

I've never broken any hearts

I've Endometriosis

I love playing Just Dance on the Xbox

I have a crush on Tom Hardy

I dont eat chicken

I gave up smoking 6 years ago, I smoked for 18 years prior to that

I love eating cheese & drinking champagne 

Thank you for nominating me for the Liebster award, I am truly honoured. I opened my blog in June, 2011. It took me a long time to put my thinking cap on, I didnt actual post a blog until thats following September.  There are times I dont write and always feel guilty for not doing so.  I gave myself a massive kick up the ass as I do enjoy blogging and its great to say I have followers. I hope to keep you entertained.
Thank you

I've had over 10000 hits, I'm speechless to say the least. I've readers from all over the world. My most popular blog is Oriflames Eco Beauty Range Review 

As for now, I'll keep writing and see where it takes me!

Competition time! House of Holland for Pretty Polly 'I'm Laddered' tights

Hi Everyone

This is a special week... Its my Birthday on Friday!

On the 24th May 1976 I was born! I'll let you do the math

So true to form I'm hosting my weekly giveaway! (a little late this week better late then never me thinks)
This week I'm giving away House of Holland range by Pretty Polly; 'I'm Laddered' tights, these make me smile from ear to ear. I'd spent to many magically moments hammered!
To me birthdays mean its party time, a celebration. I've family & friends coming to visit, I'm so excited

#LBLGiveaway time.

I hope you like them >>>

Have a great week ahead, we've another Bank Holiday Weekend coming-up, Enjoy! I've lots to plan but looking for to doing lots of singing and dancing, might even crack out the Xbox for giggles.

All the best and have a great week :D


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Sunday, 19 May 2013

First Proper Run in over a year

I'm really pleased with my self today, I ventured outside with my running gear on!

I wore my Hotpants, Hot Vest & T-shirt; and to help, I had my dog & music and my younger, very fit sister joined me.


I was totally awful, I could not run very far, I had to keep resting, so a did a lot of jogging, slowing down to walking and running again. I always knew this would be really hard. I'm so unfit but I promise myself to keep trying!

I hope in a few months, I'll be able to run non-stop!


Wearing my Hotpants gear; true to form I sweated bucket loads.  

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Getting back into the swing of things

I'm pleased to say I haven't been feeling lazy this week, pretty much the opposite. I have been taking my dog for mega walks. which is a long walk through the moor and along the River Gade which is close to where I live.

Today even thou I was wearing a massive coat and jeans, I did a little jogging. I could feel my leg opening-up, it felt good!

It was great to see how my dogs reaction. As I want him to run with me. I'm guessing he found this fun, he kept running into me and jumping at me, trying to play tag of war with his the lead.

So after this mornings adventure I'm tempted to wear my hotpants tomorrow and go for a proper run. I'm a bit nervous but I have to start somewhere, I haven't been running for over a year.  I really need the exercise and most importantly its FREE!    

I hope my poochie enjoys it and doesnt chase me in the Gade!

Fingers crossed for tomorrows adventure!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Competition time! House of Holland for Pretty Polly Alphabetights Silver

Its Monday YAY! #LBLGiveaway time.  This week I hope to add a few posts and please dont be shy, you can always say HELLO, I don't bite.

This week I'm giving away House of Holland range by Pretty Polly; Alphabetights Silver, these are my favourites. Very glamorous, I just wish I had the legs to rock these babies.
I hope these go to a well deserved home

I hope you like them >>>

All I ask is you have a great week ahead and you follow the Rafflecopter steps!

All the best and great a great week :D


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My Home Luxury Manicure, Kure Bazaar Polish & Nailgirls Review

I have only had my nails done by a 'professional' twice. Once the manicurists wanted to file my nails flat, because that was the fashion! I refused and insisted they be curved.  Anyway both times I wasn't impressed.  I much prefer to do a brilliant home job, getting it right!  

 My usual suspects from left to right
Mavala Nail harder, Nailgirls Treat(s)ments; Cuticle Conditioner, Super Base & Superfinish & my loved Stylfile. 
New to the firm, Kure Bazaar; So Vintage

I start by filing each nail, from corner to center of my nail, leftside then rightside. The Stylfile is fantastic if you want to have oval or rounded nails. 

I have bowl of hot/warm water, I add a few drops of olive oil & half a lemon's juice squeezed in it too. (my family joke I'm making a dressing)
I rest my fingers in the bowl for 5 to10 minutes for a relaxing soak. The olive oil conditions the skin, softens my fingers tips, the lemon juice whitens my nails. 

Now is the time to apply hand lotion, make sure the lotion has absorbed completely before carrying on.

 Apply Mavala Nail harder, its a transparent greeny blue liquid, it vanishes into my nail, great for weak & brittle nails, it strengthens them. I recommend use every week, you'll notice a big improvement in a couple of months.

Nailgirls have a great range of colours, they also offer a treatment range; Treat(s)ment. Cuticle conditioner; with sweet almond oil & ginseng root, I apply a dab to my cuticle and massage into my cuticle with my other hand giving them a good rub, now I push my cuticles back. 
Super base time, it does what it says on the tin. I apply a thin even coat, masking any small ridges for a smoother finish. 

Finished look :D
Now colour; I have never used Kure Bazaar before, I love the colour, its rich, eye catching and looks luxurious in the bottle.  I only needed one coat for a pristine finish. The polish is not runny nor too thick, just right for a glorious finish. I am very impressed, loved the colour and the neat finish.  I used Nailgirls Superfinish to lock in the polish in. 

My nails feel like superstars, glamorous and rather sexy.  
They look like I've paid £30 in a Saloon! 

So Vintage 

The products I use make cost a little more then some other brands, but I'm saving myself a fortune not visting the salon. 
 (I will advise how long it lasted)

Cuticle Conditioner £10.50
Super Base £10.50
Superfinish £10.50

Mavala Scientifique most major high street chemist & department retailers from £5.60

John and Ginger (purchase in UK online) 
So Vintage £14.95

I have not been sponsored for the this. Just because I love my nails. I hope to do more polish updates. 

BED TIME! Tree Fu Tom Short Pyjamas (Review) from Marks and Spencer

Being an adult we know what we like and what gives us a great nights sleep.

But have you ever thought about your little ones, what gives them a great nights sleep? My little ones are super cheeky, well the youngest is. He'll try his best to wangle a couple of extra bedtime stories out of me.  Then once I've left him all snuggled-up with his dragon, he'll get out of bed a couple of times, he try to sleep with his bigger brother too some nights but he does eventually fall asleep.  I mostly find him face down on top of his bed crushed out.

Now for me to have a great nights sleep, I like fresh sheets, comfy pillow and not too many teddies and toys in my bed.  A lovely relaxing bubble, fresh soft fun PJs usually takes me off to noddy land pretty fast. 

I was very lucky to review these PJs from the lovely people at  @Tree_Fu_Go.  So thinking of all the above, when I showed my son his new Tree Fu Go PJ's, he got very excited. He loves PJ's that he recognises the characters of and all things action hero.

Here he is pretending to be Tom saving Treetopolis on his scooter.

Big smile here! He is looking forward to bedtime.

Brothers having a massive hug. Big brother likes Tree Fu Go too and now wants his own PJs.  The good news these can be bought from Marks and Spencer.
Liam is wearing in 2-3 sizes, these can be purchased upto 7 years. Price ranges £11-£12 depending on size.

I'm pleased to say he settled down very fast, he didn't do as much bed hopping as usual.  The following morning he liked them so much didn't want to take them off the next morning. Now wants to wear them all the time.

Being a cost conscience mummy and always wanting the best for my little men. I found these pyjamas are great quality, soft to the touch (pure cotton) fitted very well, lovely and bright even after washing (40°) These are definitely value for money at £11 which is most or less the price for PJs in most high street retailers.

Info found on M&S site: 
With a colourful Tree Fu Tom design, these cotton short pyjamas are a must for fans of the popular character. They're super soft, comfy, and can be tumble dried for added convenience.

  • 2 part set
  • Crew neck, short sleeve pyjama top
  • Knee length shorts with elasticated waistband
  • Assorted Tree Fu Tom designs and slogans
  • Stitch detail
  • BBC © 2013
Safety Warning:  Keep away from fire and flames
Care Instructions:  Machine washable, tumble dry
Composition:  100% cotton (exclusive of trimmings)
Outer Material Type:  Cotton

Please not this was not a sponsored post but I have been given the PJ's for the review.  These are my words and my honest review.

details are true on 12/5/13

Monday, 6 May 2013

My Philips TV - GOOD BYE!! TV LOVE

This is a little strange, TV love! 

The first time I saw you I fell in love, you're the first expensive present I bought for myself at 18.  I haggled with the man in the Living store, Kings Mall, Hammersmith! He give me a discount, I think because I was a girl.

I put you in pride of place in bedroom showered you with videos and Playstation games.  Then when I have moved around & finally got my own place, you lived in the living room. standing tall & proud and gave you DVD's and treated you to a Love Film subscription. You have brighted up my evening with Hollyoaks, The Simpson, This Life & Shamless to name a few.

You had kept me entertained over the years, all day, weekends, even into the small hours of the night, with things like James Whale, The Equalizer, Blind-date and watching 10.000's of films. When I lived with my best friend, she would complain she could hear you thought the wall. But I still loved you all the same.
I dusted your top and sides all the time and you treated me to dramas, quiz shows, Eastenders & Corrie our favourite evening shows.

I have had in my life for a very long time, almost 20 years, you been with me longer then any boyfriend I have had. You have travelled with me everywhere and over London to be fair.
I even lent you to my boyfriends dad and you returned home and the switched had happened, I gave you my my boys to show them DVD's, reruns of Thomas the Tank Engine and Monster Inc, Cars again and again and much, much more for bedtime movie fun.They played games, entertained them playing on the Wii, Super Mario Cars & Donkey Kong for hours on end.

Now I know your had a loose connection in your back but today you said no more! To be honest I have no idea how you have keep going for so long.  I'm sad you're leaving. But you dont look a day over 2 years old!

You're going to the junk yard in the sky! And you'll be one of the oldest there so everyone else will give you respect!

Bless you my Philips TV, you have been the best! We're all going to miss you.... Now its time for a rest! x

Model: 21PT166B/05 Thanks Philips :D

Competition time! House of Holland for Pretty Poll ***BONES*** (Limited Edition) Tights

I am really pleased my last competition was very successful, so I am running another one!!

Again my lucky winner will win some adorable tights! From the House of Holland range by Pretty Polly.

I hope you like these >>>

a Rafflecopter giveaway

All I ask is you have a great week ahead and you follow the Rafflecopter steps!

All the best and enjoy the 4 day week coming-up


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Good-bye Dry, Hello Divine! E45 Nourish & Restore Body lotion (Review)‏ - normal to dry skin

I love creams and have tried a lot of products over the years. My face, hands and body are creamed daily, its a religion. I cant bear having crispy skin.
I've been a user E45 since being a little girl, stuffing eczema, having dry skin patches in my teens. Its a brand I used to associate as a no frills product too when I was young.  I was very wrong, its a brand proven to medicate people suffering with dry skin. Its dermatological tested!

These days having two young boys, I spend time crawling on the floor, playing with my boys.
Also I wear boots and trainers mostly in the winter/colder months as the weather is always changing, mostly wet, cold & windy. These little changes in my life and the added affect of aging.  Has caused my body to change. Its nothing too awful and there are problem areas my, knees & hands are screaming for cream all the time. Now the sun is peeping through, I'm feeling guilty I haven't been taking care of myself for as much I should of been.

BzzAgent were looking for testers E45 Nourish & Restore Cream! I've jumped at the chance.

I shower most mornings, before dressing I cover myself in lotion/cream  I find doing this right after having a bath or shower, its locks the moisture in, leaving my skin feeling softer for longer.  I also notice with a good lotion the following day when washing, if its still there its good as it long lasting. 

I found the lotion just right, its a little running, melts in the my skin, definitely leaving my skin feeling & looking nourished, its non-greasy. It needed a minute to dry (which you'll notice in your hands right after using) but my skin is left looking radiate, feeling supple & soft. Hours later my skin still felt & looked the same bear the palms of my hands, so I would keep reapplying.

Problems areas; like my knees, after a week of using it once a day, I saw a great improvement. No longer looking dry and my skin feels so much softer.

Top normal dry; bottom 1 week late well nourished skin

Its is slight fragrances, reminds me of a very mild baby lotion.  Its pleasant and not over powering at all.

Overall 5/5 stars - I would highly recommend anyone to use this product, I found it great!

Can be bought in most chemists and supermarkets approx. £4.00 for 250ml!

Fancy a try before you buy? Get sample here >> E45 Samples

Info found online: E45
E45 Nourish and Restore body lotion has been specially enriched with natural oils and Vitamin B3, making it a fantastic gentle skin care product for mature skin.
Part of the range of good skin care products developed by the skin care experts at E45, it nourishes and helps restore supple, softer and noticeably glowing skin in just three weeks.
Its unique Constant Moisture Build™ formula is enriched with naturally derived lipid and glycerine that work with your skin to replenish lost hydration and then build and maintain it throughout the day.
It is clinically proven as a 24 hour dry skin moisturiser.
E45 Nourish and Restore body lotion is light weight and quickly absorbed, non-greasy, hypoallergenic and lightly fragranced, making it perfect for normal to dry skin, and it is even a good sensitive skin moisturiser.
All info correct on 6/513