Saturday, 27 April 2013


Its a while!
Yes I am here, alive and kicking but I have been so LAZY!
With any type of diet & exercise!

Half term had been totally dedicated to my little ones and a side helping of Comping of course!  I went to 4 kids parties and a hosted a party. I don't remember my parents taking me so many. Bearing in mind the class room sizes have doubles in 30 years, I suppose that makes sense!

But I have been missing my regular exercise routine, ever since doing the Jenny Craig it has really affected my diet in a detrimental way. It took me way off course, instead of enhancing my diet it crush it!

Well my mission is to now correct myself, I want to join my local gym and get fit before my flabby tummy hides my feet!

I love the rush of running!!! I NEED TO DO THIS :D

As for my Blog! I've actually missed writing so I intend to write, write, write! I hopefully bore everyone to death... Ha ha

Its terrible I keep seeing things, I think to myself I want to write about that, its gets logged in my brain as that would make a great read, never to be seen again.

Apart from these little glitches in my life, I'm happy and have a happy family! 

See you very soon x