Wednesday, 20 March 2013 Price Drop Review

Stuffster Home page, Set-up & Log-in

Technology is booming, our habits are evolving including our shopping traits.  I no longer have to pop to the shops and look for that pretty dress I saw Harry's mum wearing doing the school run this morning. I can actual find it online and order it standing in the school play ground.

This goes for about almost everything, from electronic goods to holidays.  We have the power to search for goods and even get them imported if needed.

Best of all for the thrifty spenders whom have patience and want the best for less, that's possible too these days.  Now, there is a new Website in town.  So for everyone who has a wish list of all the goodies they want and can not currently afford and are happy to wait for the prices to drop.

Well, listen hear my lovelies.... This is where steps-up to the plate and does all the hard work for us?  Scratching your head yet??? Ha ha

Products added to my Stuffster board
Stuffster is a fabulous new site. Giving us the option to pin the products we want and then we wait, wait for the price to drop to what you want to spend.  You have the power to set the target.

Its super easy to set-up on your PC, Laptops & Mac.  Its also possible to set-up on iPhones & iPads.  I have a feeling an actual app will be made very soon, if not, I'm requesting the app now.

You pin your desired products to your boards, you can have a standard wishlist or break it up in to categories i.e, fashion, gadgets, toys, home that type of thing.  When you pin your items its asks for a target price, you decided.  If at any time the item reaches the target price, hey presto you can buy it, its as simply as that.  

My Stuffster Boards & Lists
Personally I have spent so many laborious hours searching for goodies for my family, making fantasy list, comparing prices.  Now I can list everything in one place.  I personal believe this is going to be a fantastic site, really used to the consumers advantage.

Email from Stuffster confirming Price Drop

Very luck for me, I had an email from Stuffster this morning. A gorgeous Jacket I am watching has been reduced and is now available at a fantastic price, better then I had actually wanted!

Big Thumbs-up for Stuffster!  

This is important, currently Stuffster only searches for the price drop on the site you have saved, the software checks every hour, giving us the consumer the best chance of getting the bargains we want.  The team at Stuffster are working hard to change this; hopefully soon the site will be able to search all websites, like a comparison site and offer the best price drop from most/all sources.  So watch this space, it will get even better!

It is still very early days but as with all new website errors can happen, Stuffster works well with most other sites but sometimes computer errors could occur, there is a possibility price drop may appear that havent dropped, the Stuffster team are working on these system bugs. Also more great news Stuffster will also be launched Worldwide not just here in the UK.  Bargain prices for the World! YAY!   

If you are like me, want to get the most for your pound, I recommend set up a Stuffster account, it took me 5 minutes to set-up, get the STUFF+ button! Then Pin away.  GOOD LUCK & HAVE FUN! Its Awesome!!!

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