Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Week ONE done!!!

I'm over the moon today! Week one 5lbs off! 

YAY! Dancing around with joy! 

I've been really bad too, I haven't been counting calories however, I have reduced my potion sizes and eating healthy foods.  

I will start monitoring calories, I'm desperate to use my Weight Watchers Pro Points calculator to gage points/calories but I've forgotten how to program it.  I'm waiting for WW to email me the details. So its not the end of the World and I'm patient. 

My cough is starting to clear up, not so chesty.  Planning to start exercising next week, I have been walking getting the heart pumping a little bit.

Also on the up.  I entered a competition on the Jenny Craig Blog Little Black Dress, I came 3rd.  As a runner up, I won a 28 day trial with them.  This will definitely help kick start my diet/weight loss.  I'm interested to see what I'll be eating as I'm a fussy eater, no meat nor fish! 

I'm really looking forward to bogging about this. 

Hope all is well 

Lucy x