Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Week 2 /3 not so good, not so bad

Last week I felt like I've failed! 

I did weigh myself last week and put on a 1lb.  It's my own fault eating pizza didnt help, even if its stacked high in veggies and was a thin crust. >>> It didn't count as put of my 5 a day thats a shambles! lol   

I'm also finding old naughty habits hard to break free from. My boyfriend walks around with packets of biscuits strapped to belt like John Wayne, he keeps offering me them.... and then my boys demanding chocolate & crisps.  So I feel like a horse with blinkers on at the moment.

But I have been feeling guilty and I want to lose weight: So it hasn't all been bad.  I have lost 3 lbs this week. So its a little success, it has me smiling.

I have been eating more soups all home-made.
Less bread , only eating brown, granary, with seeds, it actually tastes nicer then the white bleached stuff!
Eating smaller potions, I'm feeling fuller faster.

I put my exercise bike together and had a couple of sessions on it.  Its been going well but I tend to get a saddler sore, aka sore ass! lol

Walking loads and enjoying the snowy weather!

I've even managed a few Zumba workout sessions from head to toe in my Hotpants gear, working up a sweat.

I've just been taken baby steps rather the bashing myself in to my new regime.

Hope you lovelies are sticking to your resolutions!  Having a relapse is fine too just keep trying and going in the right direction, that's what I keep telling myself!