Monday, 7 January 2013

Resolutions are HARD to stick too

Okay its hasn't even been a week since I started my new years resolutions.  I'm thinking of sweet sticky donuts, biscuits and juicy beef burgers.  Ha ha its not really that bad, but the temptation is here, in my cupboards teasing me.

Honestly, I haven't been monitoring my calorie intake but, I have been eating healthy. I've been eating salads for lunch and making home made soups. But slightly slipping up as having a meaty dinner.

I have been trying to reduce my bread intake too. Which I'm finding really difficult, as the rest of my family tend to eat loads of the stuff and I love it.    

As for exercise, I have done nothing and feeling very guilty about the fact however, I'm on antibiotics as I've bronchitis but my chest seems clearer I'm not coughing half as much I still have 4 days to finish the course of tablets.    

On the plus side I got myself some gorgeous new trainers and new gym kit and lots of lovely Hotpants gear to wear.  I've also ordered Rosemary Conley's The Fab Diet book.  Looks interesting a combination of exercise and diet to follow.  Reviews are mixed.  I'll give you my opinion once I've given it a go.

I'm now off to my shed to dig out get my Exercise bike and Reebox step.  I have a selection of workout DVDs and Zumba on the Xbox so plenty to keep me active, just choosing where to start is mind boogling.


My little ones go back to school this week, so I'm  planning to get in to the swing of things with an empty house I hope to feel more relaxed.  

If anyone has any good ideas not to give in to tempation, dont be shy, leave me a comment

Thanks for looking