Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Jumpin Jaffa

A few months a go a managed to get my hands on #JumpinJaffa  Space-hopper the shape of a Orange! The project has been set-up by Jaffa. I saw on their Twitter feed they had a limited number of Space-hoppers available, only 250 for a competition they are hosting. So I jumper at the chance. >>> Excuse the Pun!

The object to jump on the Space-hopper for at least 25 seconds, up-load to You Tube and and send them the link on Twitter @Jaffafruit with #JumpinJaffa.  Prizes: 1st prize £1000 with 2 runners-up getting £250, NICE!

However me being me, I wanted to do something original, time was running out.  Its also a little harder to do things with my boys in toe, everything takes that little longer.

So when it snowed! I thought perfect! Boys in school, I'm gong to bounce down a hill!

Anyway! My gorgeous pooch had his own plans!

Check out the video I submitted! Its the first one I've edited and cut a bit off of me swearing! 

It made me cry with laughter! I hope you have a laugh at my expense! 

I doubt I'll win but its the taking part! :)

Enjoy All!