Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Jenny Craig has landed

Just after New Years I was lucky enough to win a 28 day trial for Jenny Craig.  Its come just at the right time.  I'm hoping this will kick start my diet!

Saying that I have been very good. Watching what I eat, exercising more. However JC takes the pain out of calorie counting, weighing foods all that fuss, also training myself to eat smaller portions.

I got a lovely call from Tom, asking me my height, weight if I'm allergic to any foods.  I also told him I'm a fussy chops.  They do care and deal with different dietary requirements all the time, so they have to know all the details to get orders spot on.

The following day two rather large boxes arrived.  Both with all my meals for the next 28 days. An envelope had a calendar of my daily meals plan.  I have to admit my first sight of my meals I wasn't over joyed by the appearance of the packs of food.  The packaging is top of the range, looks pleasant and not over the top but I felt more surprised by the lack of food, small portions.  This is when it hit home, what am I getting myself into.  But I'm looking at the bright side I want to stick to it and see the 1lbs fall off.  If Mel B, Scary Spice can do it, so can I.

A slim me on the phone at work!
Tom also booked a telephone appointment with customer services, a lovely lady, Miranda. She called to ensure everything had arrived, talked me through the system, the meal plan and wish me well.  It was a really nice way to start my challenge, I mean diet. Also giving me reassurance about the entire program and I know if I need advice someone is there.  I'm to eat everything on the list and its very important not to mix up my meals from different days as each day is calculate to 1500 calories.  I can swap the entire day, Monday for Thursday but is has to be the whole day.

As I plan to get started on Monday, 28th Jan. Miranda confirmed she will contact me next week, Tuesday the 5th Feb.  My goal for this week is too eat my plan, sounds easy doesn't it! But just the plan and not ANYTHING ELSE!!! (Off to lock the fridge & Sweet cupboard)

Well its Tuesday, evening. I've been on the plan for a whole 2 days, Wooowooowoo!  I'm pleased to say so far its going well. The meals have been broken into 6 meals per days, with Lunch and Dinner being a fairly decent size, I'm adding vegetable and salad were asked, I also get to enjoy snacks with a JC treat, having it when then kids get home and we all have a treat at the same time.  At no time have I felt overly hungry.  I have been craving all the foods I'm not suppose to eat but I'm only human and this is just the start.  I'm like a horse wearing damn blinkers!

It's only 28 DAYS WOMAN!!! I keep telling myself  :)

I shall keep you posted with my progress with more updates about JC!

Wish me luck

Luc x x

And please do say hi, leave a comment. I don't bite, well unless feeling hungry!