Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Little Black Dress

It's Boxing day my email has driven me mad, with discount alerts, up to 50% off!  Not that i'm not interested but I want to buy everything. Shoes, Boots, Handbags, Coats, Make-up. Then there our the Designer labels, High Street and Department stores offering great deals.  All the beautiful party numbers, the Dresses, winking at me, something for everyone at all prices.

My favourites our the Little Black Dresses, that hides my lumps and makes me look curvy, ooh so I hope!

Last year me & my 3 sisters hit Oxford Street at 11am.  It was a nightmare, I had never seen so many people, the road was a sea people, the shops full too capacity with people pushing to look at the rails, queues for the changing rooms and massive queues for the tills. I spent far to much money in just a few hours. It left a  message in my mind, only if I have a clear picture of what I want I should GO to the Boxing day sales.

This year has been different; I have been window shopping online and wish listed a few pretty items.  With Christmas passing, I haven't over eaten but I don't have a figure I'd be able to wear any dress my hearts desires.

However the little Black Dress makes me feel confident on a night out, luckily it will never go out of fashion and can be wore a few times dressed-up and styled to suit each occasion.

I've put together my ideal Christmas 2012 LBD and how I would style it.

Little Black Dress

Coast dress,  / ASOS / Steve Madden high heels / Yves Saint Laurent , $38 / Ted Baker Glitzy foldover purse - House of Fraser,  / O.P.I. - The Urban Retreat Beautique,

Fingers crossed this time next year, I will look great!
This is my entry for  Jenny Craig  Get your LBD on! Christmas Competition!-christmas-competition.aspx 

 Merry Christmas everyone and have a Very Happy New Year!