Monday, 16 July 2012


Well, it has been a while!!! 
I'm blaming my laptop for dying on me, it took months to be fixed.  However I have missed writing, saying that I'm such a massive fuss pot, it takes me ages to get the cogs churning in my head for inspiration.
Good news the cogs have movement.

I've put together a little review of my Phil & Teds buggy, enjoy.

With extras: Cocoon, Double Kit & Rain Cover. 

As any parent knows choosing the right pram, buggy, pushchair is a hard task.  Its even harder when you've two children of different ages.  Before I brought my Phil & Teds, I did a lot of research, scrolling the Internet for reviews, I even went as far as talking to strangers, getting their opinions, my own market research campaign in the streets of London.  The Phil & Teds was coming up trumps each time.  I was a little put off by the fact that the younger child sat in the back would have a restricted view, but little kiddies didn't seem to complain or mind, the thought had crossed many minds of other parents too.   
Than the next obstacle I didn't like much was the cost, its definitely on the expensive side (well for me).  Lastly, I took a couple of trips to Mothercare, I had a play with a few of the double buggy's.  I was sold over by Phil & Teds buggy, it looked gorgeous, glided through the aisles of the store, most importantly it's very easy to change seat positions, I had worried about this thinking it would be complicated, especially with a new born and toddler running riot.
I saved for a couple of months and with much delight I purchased this super piece of kit, it arrived from Mothercare, 2 months before Bubba was born, I was so excited, hurrying the little chapping to arrive, so we can cruise the streets! 

This Phil & Teds buggy is designed to carry up to 2 children under 4yo or with a combination weight of 40 kilos. 
The Double kits (2nd detachable seat) must be purchased separately, as this can be attached to the buggy (in 2 different seating positions - for a 2nd child) 
For safely, the heavier child must always be sat in the front, otherwise the buggy falls backwards with uneven weight distribution.  

Originally I set my buggy up for a new born/infant & bigger child.  As seen in Pic 1. 
I used the Cocoon (matching carry cot) for a few months.  The front seat drops down, the cocoon lies flat where Bubba mostly slept in comfort and could see his tiny little body.
The Doubles kit is placed in the front hinges for James, to sit up right facing forward comfortably.  In this position the bigger child will sit high in the buggy, but they are very comfortable. 

Pic 1.
Once Bubba was able to sit-up, I changed the seat set-up. The front seat is easily adjusted, pushed back to the upright position. Then the Double kit unclips, slots into the back hinges, behind the front chair as the extra passenger seat. Both children are now upright, facing forward. As seen in Pic 2.

Pic 2.
I recommend this buggy for 2 children. The design is fantastic compared to other twin buggy's on the market. I found it a hard wearing piece of essential kit for any parent. It's big, strong, children travel in comfort, in all weathers, on all terrains.  Easy to change positions. 

Now James is 4 & Bubba 2.  Bubba still prefers to ride in his wheels, James is happiest on his scooter. The additional benefit with this buggy is I now leave off the Doubles kit, so Bubba rides alone.  
However, if we're travelling away for day or longer, having the Doubles kit comes in handy.  Especially when both boys are fed-up of walking or want to sleep.  
For 2 years it has been used almost everyday.  Its has an awfully lot of wear left, a few scrapes here and there.
Buggy set-up as single carrier
When using my Phil & Teds either as a single or double buggy, I walk a lot, travelling on buses, underground, in cars, I've had no problems.  
The front wheel swizzles, changing direction & manoeuvring is easy, either on the street, through park land, sand, muddy ground.
Its easy to set-up, push, fold down, clean, the tires come off with easy.
Considering the size, It doesn't take up too much space once folded down. It will fit in too large car boot, 3 door cars may have problems, I recommend to get measurements.
There are plenty of accessories on the market to make it to your personal taste. Shade covers, rain covers, bags, cup holders, cosy toes, the buggies come in a fabulous range of colours.

Negative points:
Tires puncher, I've had 2 punched tyres (both flat like pancakes) I managed to get replacement inner tube off eBay, (or if you have a puncher repair kits that works) changing the inner tube very easily 
Also the tires should be pumped up on a regular basis, otherwise the buggy feels heavy and sluggish.
The shopping basket is fairly small too, when Bubba sits in the back seat his legs stretch out in the shopping basket, taken up much of the room.  
Its very important to ensure your child's feet do remain in the basket.  On one occasion when James decided to sit in the back, monkeying about (he was 3 at the time) his leg & foot got caught and went under the wheel and pulled backwards.  I was very lucky he didn't do himself any damage, we were both more shocked by the experience.   
It has a wide frame which is heavy at 11 kilos when empty

I'm giving my Phil & Teds an 9/10

Retails £395 Buggy, £20 Rain cover, £60 Double kit, £46 Cocoon

Features and benefits
Lightweight alloy frame
Easy folding system
Single-action double brakes for extra safety
Wrist strap
Reversible handle for user comfort
Sun hood with viewing window
Quick release wheels for easy transportation
Large shopping basket
Lockable front swivel wheel
4-position ergonomic seat adjusts from flat for newborn to upright for toddler
Rear guards
Multi-position handle
Optional Doubles kit available
Please note harness straps differ slightly from pushchair pictured
Suitable for children up to 4 years or maximum weight of 40kg/88lbs
With the double kit attached the recommended maximum load is 25kg/55lbs in front seat and 15kg/33lbs in rear seat