Saturday, 27 October 2012

Lets Carve! Pumkins at the ready... GO!!!

HALLOWEEN is almost upon us and my wonderful sons have no idea whats about to happen. James has shown no interest in Halloween however little brother Liam is very interested, he keeps pointing out black cats, bats, witches. PUMPKINS means HALLOWEEN.
I wanted to get myself into the festive spirit and entertain my little people at the same time, I decide we should carve our first pumpkin together!

I brought a decide size and good sharp from the Co-Op.  1 for £3 or a super deal 2 for £5.

Tools used/needed:
Peeler with the bit to dig out bits,  a round edged flat knife, like a butter knife and small shape knife

Due to the using sharp blades, children should just watch, unless they are using a blunt knife for scooping and scraping and please ensure they are being supervised at all times.

Firstly, choose a design, there are plenty online if you get stuck for ideas.  I decided to do a cat, to be honest I'm awful at drawing, but James helped with the outline which came out really well.

We used a pencil to draw the outline.
I started scrapping and got KNOW WHERE so I called in back-up, the boys used their little hands for super scooping!

With a sharp knife tip prick holes along the penciled lines.  Then trace the holes with the sharp knife, like dot to dot, make sure to push the knife through in to the pumpkin. I went around a couple of times, until the knife went smoothly along, I could then push the pumpkin in.

I used my peeler to do all the curved areas.  Once finished I used the flat knife to smooth (scrape) down all the rough edges to make it tidy.

I never gave my pumpkin lid but I cut a biggish circle in the back, James took out all the seeds and stringy bits and Liam popped the candle in there.


I'd love it know how you've got on! So leave me your thoughts! xx