Friday, 14 September 2012

Oriflame's Eco Beauty Range Review

Its not often I volunteer my services, Oriflame were looking for bloggers on Twitter! So I stepped up, thinking this would make a wonderful change from my usual ramblings.  No surprises I was right!

I had kindly been sent 3 products from Oriflame's Eco Beauty Range;

Smoothing Eye Cream, Smoothing Day Cream & Smoothing Night Cream.
I was delighted, I am aware of the brand as I recently won a range of holiday care products (all still wrapped).  I've never used Oriflame before.  So I was excited to use something new as I am a newbie to their range.

Oriflame is a Swedish Cosmetic company, which has been operating in the UK for over 40 years, selling cosmetics thought direct sellers, operating through agent selling to their local communities. They have a huge range of cosmetic mostly can be found on their website and can be purchased online. Oriflame

Now, a little history on me!  I'm more of a Boots & Superdrugs type of girl. I tend to use Nivea as a base cream then apply a moisturiser.  I have and I do dabble with more luxury brands too but to be honest either they our to expensive for my budget, I don't use them again and again or I don't see what all the fuss is about. 

I have highly sensitive skin, harsh products make my skin blotchy, drys it out, while other products just don't hydrate my skin enough, at 36 years of age I still break out in spots, I've very few fine lines.  I'm a massive fuss pot when it come to face creams, I don't expect miracles, I'm still searching for the right one.  Over the years I notice my skins requires different things. I'm at the age were my skin desires to be hydrated. I've been using these products for over a month, with and with out make-up.
I've been using these products for over a month, with and with out make-up.

Ecobeauty Smoothing Day Cream - £16.95 
Innovative and natural, this multi-action anti-oxidant Day cream helps replenish your skin and reinforce its protective barrier to fight imperfections.
To be applied daily on cleansed skin.
2 pea size drops more than enough to cover the entire face.The cream feels rich, its supple and creamy in texture, luxurious to touch, my skin just soaked it up all a sponge.  No reminiscent of greasy skin.

Results: I couldn't say there was visual results but after 2 weeks the change in my skin was noticeable. My skin feels, fresh, no dry flaky skin whatsoever anywhere.  

Ecobeauty Smoothing Night Cream - £16.95
Which to be honest is amazing (its been hot, cold, rained)  This multi-action anti-oxidant Night Cream intensely nourishes, protects and rejuvenates your skin while you sleep.
To be applied on cleansed skin
1 pea size drop should be enough to cover the face
This feels much thicker, my skin actually feels like its been protected, again none greasy

Results: Prior to using; Most morning (I'm not a morning person I'm surprised I don't scare my family) I skin will be dry and mostly has patches of flakly skin.
My face feels soft, normal, hydrated, its not flaky anymore! Hand on my heart I love this night cream.
Both smell the same, very light floral/coconut scent. Pleasant.

Ecobeauty Smoothing Eye Cream - £12.95
Exclusive, lightweight and natural formula that smoothens fine lines and reduces puffiness & dark circles around the eye.
To be applied daily to eye contour (used this in the morning & at night)
Just a small drop needed
This isn't as thick in texture, still feels rich, no scent
prior to using. In the last few months, the skin under my eyes had become dull, tight, dry, skin becomes flakes

ResultsAgain the contour around of my eyes feels normal, skin is smooth, my fine lines vanished.

My face is glowing, no dry patches, just normal healthy looking skin. I still get spots but this isn't a miracle cream. Best news no more having to reapply cream throughout the day.  
No make-up mishaps, worked great as a base and my make-up stayed in place. I am really chuffed with these results.

I highly recommend to my readers. 

I personally consider the product will sell it self as an Eco-friendly line but, the benefit is immense to my skin.  The packaging looks superb, the price is perfect.  I'm truly amazed by the performance. 
All the products can be purchased on the Oriflame Ecobeauty  Website

Importantly This is their ECO Beauty Range:

Please note these products contain Fradetrade certified ingredients, Vegan & Eco Cert. Ecobeauty Hydrating Foundation is ECOCERT-certified natural. This guarantees 99% of all ingredients are of natural origin and derived from renewable resources, and 7% of the formulation contains organic ingredients. This foundation is FREE from parabens and synthetic perfumes and is contained in packaging made with 100% recyclable materials.