Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Slimavite Week one done

Fri. 6th Jan
Great start to the day, went to the gym, walked 3 miles (too and from the gym) and ran 2k in 15mins, 6 mins on the crosstrainer at a 4 resistance at approx 136 rpm, worked a load of weights for 45 mins.
I didn't take the Slimavite to the gym, I don't like warm milk, so I opted for a banana. Once home I felt starving, had a chocolate shake, filled me up for a few hour. When the rumbling started I had another strawberry shake and an apple, to kept the hunger pangs away. This was fab up until dinner.
Dinner baked potato, lettuce, cherry tomatoes', celery salad, served with some of last nights dinner the spinach casserole. I have a fruit piece for later if I get hungry.
Today I felt was the best day so far, I felt myself for starters. Plus going to the gym always brings out the best in me. I think the way forward is to listen to my tummy, when it says feed me, do it. depending on the time of day eat what's required.
Sat. 7th Jan
Okay not a great start to my day, I got woken-up in the middle of the night and could not go back to sleep. To my down fall, I caved in, to a ham and cheese toasted sandwich for my breakfast. Mind you this kept me full all day. I had a very late lunch a chocolate shake followed by a banana.
Wanting to keep the calories down due to my massive slip-up
Dinner 5% low fat McCains oven chips, with a mixed salad and a sausage. Now feeling a treat was in order I had a Boost bar! I didn't feel hungry today at anytime and I only had one shake due to oblivious reasons.
Sun. 8th Jan
Strawberry shake! I had to go to a family get together! My mum tried to force feed me lunch... I had a couple of her Quinoa fritters? really tasted and filling.
At home I had x2 bananas & a tangerine, a vanilla shake for dinner, 2 slices of bread with ham.
One thing, I last saw my family... at Christmas! They all said I look slimmer? One of my sisters and my niece already seem interested!
Mon. 9th Jan
Vanilla shake for breakfast, a banana, tangerine. Lunch strawberry shake and a banana... I'm trying not to drink all the chocolate shake hehe! Today has been fine, no hungry pangs, until very I started cooking. Spaghetti Bolognese for dinner! Wow so tasted, I'm so stuffed ;o) It was a very heavy meal, I think I'll have to cut down on red meat as the calories are very high.
Okay Weighed in today and loss 5lbs I'm at 14st. 6.5lbs Which is fab, that is all the weight I put on over Christmas, my actual start weight on the 3rd Jan was 14st 8.5lbs
First week thoughts, I have found it hard to adjust to the plan, not being able to eat what and when I like, it has been difficult and made even harder having to cooks meals for my family. The upside is with the shakes I don't have to worry about calculating how many calories I'm consuming, and the shakes are very tasty and filling! 
Plan for this week:
Write a why to loss weight list, refer to at as motivate
Contact Slimavite if/when I'm feeling weak
Plan meals and very importantly workout the correct calories
Do more exercises