Thursday, 5 January 2012

Slimavite The Start! Part One!

I am very fortunate to be asked to trail Slimavite! I have never tried a supplemented diet before, so I jumped at the chance to try something new. I have heard good things about other supplemented dietary products, so thought why not give it a go.
The Bite Plan explained
Slimavite have created a very simple food currency called Bites. Bites are nutritionally balanced units of food roughly equal to 200 calories. A “typical” Bite Plan for a woman would be 6 Bites a day, made up of 2 of their shakes (breakfast & lunch, total 2 Bites) plus 3 of your Bites for your main meal, Slimavite will help me with “Bite” recipes and meal planning, the 6th Bite covers all your fruit, veg and salad. So over a course of a day my calorie intake is 1200, same plan for all women. If you're a man your allowance increases by an extra 2 bites - 1600. Being a member I also have access to their website, I have my own dashboard, this is where I can easily keep track of my weight progress.

Currently if I loss a 1lb a week I should reach my target by 13th July! Here's hoping!
The more I familiarise with the site the more I'll explain it.

Tues 3rd Jan My wonderful pack arrived today from Slimavite, it contains, 3 flavoured Milkshakes, Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate. I wasn't home when it had arrived, actually at the gym. So this morning I skipped breakfast as I cant workout with food in my tummy. So wanting to start immediately I quickly read the instructions and got started. I had a strawberry shake, as a late lunch, it tasted nice, the strawberry flavour was mild. I had hoped it would had been more filling too. I thought a scoop would had come with the pack. I measured with a heaped tea spoon. Only after did I notice that 28g should be the correct measurement. I think I used a lot less! My fault. I commented on the Slimavite FB page, they advised their is a scoop in the tub! (I need glasses - it was a big scooper too, Oops)
As I started late in the day, I had a orange for my fruit allowance. 
Dinner was a normal portion size, cous cous, mixed with spring onions, cherry tomatoes, a small chopped up haas avocado and plenty of lettuce. with a simply dressing, lemon, salt, and virgin olive oil.

Wed. 4th Jan  I woke to my period, the joys of being a woman! I suffer from endometriosis so the first day usually means I'm not full of joy! Also, I have a slight sore throat. I had the vanilla shake, wow!  Much fuller (with the correct measurements), full of flavour, it was really nice. Shortly afterwards my throat felt slightly irritated, because of this I skipped my lunch shake but had a banana and apple. 
Dinner was homemade a chicken chow mien, chicken, onions, noodles, carrots, spring onions, green beans, garlic and finely sliced cabbage, with soya sauce, the chow mien sauce came from a packet. I ate everything bar the chicken, I don't eat chicken! But that's for my family. I found I was satisfied for hours. Once in bed, then I felt hungry and couldn't sleep for what seemed like hours.  

Thurs. 5th Jan  Today I felt much better, tummy feels more settled. I started with a strawberry shake, tasted much better now I used the correct measurement. I found the after taste, texture a little chalky afterwards. But the main thing is that I am full.
I had an apple and a banana, orange throughout the day. I've also had stomach cramps early in the day, but I think that's mainly to do with my period. Lunch was a chocolate shake definitely the tasted the best (no after taste)! Its chocolate!
Dinner was a delicious spinach casserole, served with rice. (minced beef, onions, garlic, tin tomatoes, stock cubes, either fresh or frozen spinach with seasoning, lots of cumin) I'll be honest I was no idea how many calories this was.
In the morning I'm off to the gym first thing, I'll be taking my Slimavite with me for my breakfast after my workout. I'll be back on Tuesday, 10 with my progress! If you want more information they can be found on Facebook Slimavite and Twitter Slimavite