Thursday, 19 January 2012

Changing my mind is okay! Say good bye to Slimavite, Hello old me

Okay! Have to be honest... and that starts with being honest with myself!
I have quit the Slimavite plan. I so wanted to get to grips with it. The first week worked well, I lost
3 lbs and I felt happy with the results.
However, something inside just didn't feel right, even thou I was not hungry I wasn't satisfied, something in my mind wanted real, normal food.

I had a rest for a couple of days then restart the plan, every day for 5 days I had a shake for breakfast then I just could not continue, either skipping all food until dinner time or nibbling food. I would end up over eating in the evening having a massive dinner or indulging in mega sinful food like Pizza, McDonalds & chocolate which I usually stay clear of.
So rather then torturing myself best to quit and start with what works for me.

What I have learnt, is that not all diets are suitable for everyone, it does not mean they don't work, as individuals we must find what works for us. I like cooking, I enjoy good tasty fresh food. I missed my breakfast routine and so many foods. So back to what I know.

On a high note, with good news, I have received my new Capri Flares! I've worn them around my flat, fresh swoosh's, my family can hear me coming. I wore them to the shops and felt very warm. I like, I like alot I feel like a new 2 week challenge needs to get started! As I say to my boys... Let Rock 'n' Roll! Lets get this show started!