Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Benefit & Diet Coke Get Glam Experience

I was very fortunate to be a guest at the Get Glam experience at Benefit Boutique (HQ London) to celebrate the new Diet Coke Get Glam Collection.  Benefit have teamed up with Diet Coke to launch a glamorous and fun limited edition can collection, showcasing three of the hottest fashion and beauty looks for Spring in 2012. Romantic, Rock Chick, and Fashionista.

I hope you recognise these lovelies dollies, Irene looks hot as Rock Chick, Eleanor looks sharp as Fashionista and Bernadette looks cute as Romantic! They have had a fabulous makeover by Benefit!

When I think of Benefit I always think 1950's pop art, lots of fresh bright colours and smiles, I wasn't disappointed lots of beautiful glamorous staff on hand to meet and greet me on arrival, the atmophere was buzzing, Diet Coke and Canapes offered too.

I had the very stunning Lauren whom was my makeup artist for the evening. She has been working for Benefit for the last 4 years. She knew her stuff, explained all the products she used and answered all my questions. To be familiarised with the new looks, Lauren would recreate The Romantic look as worn by Diet Coke Dolly Bernadette.

Prep:   Freshens my face with Ultra Radiance Facial Re-Hydrating Mist. I asked for some It's Potent! Eye Cream, it fades dark circles and fine lines, the area under my eyes gets dry too.  Pore Fessional was applied to my T-zone, this great product, gentle smooth's over the pores, creating a smooth surface to work on, but it can be applied anywhere you have pores or uneven surfaces, works like a filler. Followed all over my face with You Rebel Tinted Moisturizer, this gives a very fresh look with a slight tinted glow, it doesn't stain and will wash off. A few touch ups with Boi ing Concealer, mainly on my blemishes and under my eyes to give me an even colour all round.
Cheeks:   Another fairly new product is the Cha Cha' Bene' & Posie 'Tint... This is something I have never come across. The bottle looks like a nail polish, but it not for your nails. I had Posietint, for poppy-pink tinted lips & cheeks. Its very important to apply two dots with the brush to the cheek bone, this spreads to a translucent fresh looking blush, then add to lips, it will stain these areas for up to 8 hours, they blend in with all skin tones.
Lips:  Posietint already on, now to make me look pouty, Lip Gloss was added.

Eyes:  Buckle Bunny Velvet Eyeshadow for gorgeous sexy shimmering eyelids and You're Real Mascara, I liked this, it really fanned out my eyelashes and coated the evenly. Its made with beeswax, over time lashes become thicker and naturally curl upwards. I have a couple of gaps in my eyebrows, years of plucking, Benefit have Brow zings this really blended well looking very natural, kit contains a pigmented wax for shaping & natural-shaded powder for setting (fills the gaps well). Having tidy Eyebrows will really finish a look.

Scent: Laugh with me LeeLee - This smells lush, fresh lemons spring to mind, very zesty, clean full of citrus notes and not over powering. I smelt all the range, Laugh with me LeeLee is my favourite by far. This is now on my wishlist!

The overall look is very quick to do, its fresh daytime look, great for bringing out the eyes and cheeks!
As a treat I bought myself the Pore Fessional at £23.50 and the You're Real Mascara at £18.50. I was impressed with both products. I liked their It's Potent Eye Cream and Laugh with me LeeLee maybe another time!
I was lucky to receive a goodie bag (smiles) I had a couple of samples of Benetint, It's Potent! Eye Cream & So hooked on Carmella eau de toilette and not to forget a new edition of Diet Coke. Also all promotional cans have a £5 discount with every spend over £25. Well worth it!

I would also like to thank my lovely friend Lynn Fancy who's guest I should had been, she was unable to make it.  Goodie Bag on its way to you sweetie! x

Most High Street Boots will stock Benefit otherwise have a look at their website:  Also They have a great interesting blog:
 Diet Coke can be found everywhere! #FACT 

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Changing my mind is okay! Say good bye to Slimavite, Hello old me

Okay! Have to be honest... and that starts with being honest with myself!
I have quit the Slimavite plan. I so wanted to get to grips with it. The first week worked well, I lost
3 lbs and I felt happy with the results.
However, something inside just didn't feel right, even thou I was not hungry I wasn't satisfied, something in my mind wanted real, normal food.

I had a rest for a couple of days then restart the plan, every day for 5 days I had a shake for breakfast then I just could not continue, either skipping all food until dinner time or nibbling food. I would end up over eating in the evening having a massive dinner or indulging in mega sinful food like Pizza, McDonalds & chocolate which I usually stay clear of.
So rather then torturing myself best to quit and start with what works for me.

What I have learnt, is that not all diets are suitable for everyone, it does not mean they don't work, as individuals we must find what works for us. I like cooking, I enjoy good tasty fresh food. I missed my breakfast routine and so many foods. So back to what I know.

On a high note, with good news, I have received my new Capri Flares! I've worn them around my flat, fresh swoosh's, my family can hear me coming. I wore them to the shops and felt very warm. I like, I like alot I feel like a new 2 week challenge needs to get started! As I say to my boys... Let Rock 'n' Roll! Lets get this show started!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Slimavite Week one done

Fri. 6th Jan
Great start to the day, went to the gym, walked 3 miles (too and from the gym) and ran 2k in 15mins, 6 mins on the crosstrainer at a 4 resistance at approx 136 rpm, worked a load of weights for 45 mins.
I didn't take the Slimavite to the gym, I don't like warm milk, so I opted for a banana. Once home I felt starving, had a chocolate shake, filled me up for a few hour. When the rumbling started I had another strawberry shake and an apple, to kept the hunger pangs away. This was fab up until dinner.
Dinner baked potato, lettuce, cherry tomatoes', celery salad, served with some of last nights dinner the spinach casserole. I have a fruit piece for later if I get hungry.
Today I felt was the best day so far, I felt myself for starters. Plus going to the gym always brings out the best in me. I think the way forward is to listen to my tummy, when it says feed me, do it. depending on the time of day eat what's required.
Sat. 7th Jan
Okay not a great start to my day, I got woken-up in the middle of the night and could not go back to sleep. To my down fall, I caved in, to a ham and cheese toasted sandwich for my breakfast. Mind you this kept me full all day. I had a very late lunch a chocolate shake followed by a banana.
Wanting to keep the calories down due to my massive slip-up
Dinner 5% low fat McCains oven chips, with a mixed salad and a sausage. Now feeling a treat was in order I had a Boost bar! I didn't feel hungry today at anytime and I only had one shake due to oblivious reasons.
Sun. 8th Jan
Strawberry shake! I had to go to a family get together! My mum tried to force feed me lunch... I had a couple of her Quinoa fritters? really tasted and filling.
At home I had x2 bananas & a tangerine, a vanilla shake for dinner, 2 slices of bread with ham.
One thing, I last saw my family... at Christmas! They all said I look slimmer? One of my sisters and my niece already seem interested!
Mon. 9th Jan
Vanilla shake for breakfast, a banana, tangerine. Lunch strawberry shake and a banana... I'm trying not to drink all the chocolate shake hehe! Today has been fine, no hungry pangs, until very I started cooking. Spaghetti Bolognese for dinner! Wow so tasted, I'm so stuffed ;o) It was a very heavy meal, I think I'll have to cut down on red meat as the calories are very high.
Okay Weighed in today and loss 5lbs I'm at 14st. 6.5lbs Which is fab, that is all the weight I put on over Christmas, my actual start weight on the 3rd Jan was 14st 8.5lbs
First week thoughts, I have found it hard to adjust to the plan, not being able to eat what and when I like, it has been difficult and made even harder having to cooks meals for my family. The upside is with the shakes I don't have to worry about calculating how many calories I'm consuming, and the shakes are very tasty and filling! 
Plan for this week:
Write a why to loss weight list, refer to at as motivate
Contact Slimavite if/when I'm feeling weak
Plan meals and very importantly workout the correct calories
Do more exercises

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Slimavite The Start! Part One!

I am very fortunate to be asked to trail Slimavite! I have never tried a supplemented diet before, so I jumped at the chance to try something new. I have heard good things about other supplemented dietary products, so thought why not give it a go.
The Bite Plan explained
Slimavite have created a very simple food currency called Bites. Bites are nutritionally balanced units of food roughly equal to 200 calories. A “typical” Bite Plan for a woman would be 6 Bites a day, made up of 2 of their shakes (breakfast & lunch, total 2 Bites) plus 3 of your Bites for your main meal, Slimavite will help me with “Bite” recipes and meal planning, the 6th Bite covers all your fruit, veg and salad. So over a course of a day my calorie intake is 1200, same plan for all women. If you're a man your allowance increases by an extra 2 bites - 1600. Being a member I also have access to their website, I have my own dashboard, this is where I can easily keep track of my weight progress.

Currently if I loss a 1lb a week I should reach my target by 13th July! Here's hoping!
The more I familiarise with the site the more I'll explain it.

Tues 3rd Jan My wonderful pack arrived today from Slimavite, it contains, 3 flavoured Milkshakes, Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate. I wasn't home when it had arrived, actually at the gym. So this morning I skipped breakfast as I cant workout with food in my tummy. So wanting to start immediately I quickly read the instructions and got started. I had a strawberry shake, as a late lunch, it tasted nice, the strawberry flavour was mild. I had hoped it would had been more filling too. I thought a scoop would had come with the pack. I measured with a heaped tea spoon. Only after did I notice that 28g should be the correct measurement. I think I used a lot less! My fault. I commented on the Slimavite FB page, they advised their is a scoop in the tub! (I need glasses - it was a big scooper too, Oops)
As I started late in the day, I had a orange for my fruit allowance. 
Dinner was a normal portion size, cous cous, mixed with spring onions, cherry tomatoes, a small chopped up haas avocado and plenty of lettuce. with a simply dressing, lemon, salt, and virgin olive oil.

Wed. 4th Jan  I woke to my period, the joys of being a woman! I suffer from endometriosis so the first day usually means I'm not full of joy! Also, I have a slight sore throat. I had the vanilla shake, wow!  Much fuller (with the correct measurements), full of flavour, it was really nice. Shortly afterwards my throat felt slightly irritated, because of this I skipped my lunch shake but had a banana and apple. 
Dinner was homemade a chicken chow mien, chicken, onions, noodles, carrots, spring onions, green beans, garlic and finely sliced cabbage, with soya sauce, the chow mien sauce came from a packet. I ate everything bar the chicken, I don't eat chicken! But that's for my family. I found I was satisfied for hours. Once in bed, then I felt hungry and couldn't sleep for what seemed like hours.  

Thurs. 5th Jan  Today I felt much better, tummy feels more settled. I started with a strawberry shake, tasted much better now I used the correct measurement. I found the after taste, texture a little chalky afterwards. But the main thing is that I am full.
I had an apple and a banana, orange throughout the day. I've also had stomach cramps early in the day, but I think that's mainly to do with my period. Lunch was a chocolate shake definitely the tasted the best (no after taste)! Its chocolate!
Dinner was a delicious spinach casserole, served with rice. (minced beef, onions, garlic, tin tomatoes, stock cubes, either fresh or frozen spinach with seasoning, lots of cumin) I'll be honest I was no idea how many calories this was.
In the morning I'm off to the gym first thing, I'll be taking my Slimavite with me for my breakfast after my workout. I'll be back on Tuesday, 10 with my progress! If you want more information they can be found on Facebook Slimavite and Twitter Slimavite