Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Little Black Dress

It's Boxing day my email has driven me mad, with discount alerts, up to 50% off!  Not that i'm not interested but I want to buy everything. Shoes, Boots, Handbags, Coats, Make-up. Then there our the Designer labels, High Street and Department stores offering great deals.  All the beautiful party numbers, the Dresses, winking at me, something for everyone at all prices.

My favourites our the Little Black Dresses, that hides my lumps and makes me look curvy, ooh so I hope!

Last year me & my 3 sisters hit Oxford Street at 11am.  It was a nightmare, I had never seen so many people, the road was a sea people, the shops full too capacity with people pushing to look at the rails, queues for the changing rooms and massive queues for the tills. I spent far to much money in just a few hours. It left a  message in my mind, only if I have a clear picture of what I want I should GO to the Boxing day sales.

This year has been different; I have been window shopping online and wish listed a few pretty items.  With Christmas passing, I haven't over eaten but I don't have a figure I'd be able to wear any dress my hearts desires.

However the little Black Dress makes me feel confident on a night out, luckily it will never go out of fashion and can be wore a few times dressed-up and styled to suit each occasion.

I've put together my ideal Christmas 2012 LBD and how I would style it.

Little Black Dress

Coast dress,  / ASOS / Steve Madden high heels / Yves Saint Laurent , $38 / Ted Baker Glitzy foldover purse - House of Fraser,  / O.P.I. - The Urban Retreat Beautique,

Fingers crossed this time next year, I will look great!
This is my entry for  Jenny Craig  Get your LBD on! Christmas Competition!-christmas-competition.aspx 

 Merry Christmas everyone and have a Very Happy New Year! 

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Cussons Mum & Me Sleep Tight Balm Review & Bump Gift Pack COMPETITION


Usually bedtime is time to brush teeth go for a peepee, stories then lights off! My little Angels are not little babies anymore but, when they were babies, we used to have relaxing bubble baths and baby massages, then I'd try to sing them to sleep with a bottle of the good old white stuff.

I was asked if I liked to try something from the Cussons; Mum & Me Range.  They offer a superb range of products for mums and baby covering sleep, hair & skin for Bump; New mum & Baby

As my sons are 2 & 4. I decided the to try something new, we could all enjoy; the Sleep Tight Balm

At first I found the balm a little hard to get out of the tin, it soon becomes soft. A wonderful aroma of Camomile stays in the air, the smell is strong but not over powering.  It feels rich and silky in my hands, soaks into the skin fast, so be careful not to rub it all in your own hands. I would have prefer a bigger pot.   

My sons are used to be creamed but not having a massage, my eldest loved it, he relaxed straight away. However, my little one was a wigglechops and had the giggles a few times.  Giving them a rub down brought back fond memories too...
Who remembers the first time they gave their baby a massage?  When I applied the balm into my sons feet, their little toes splayed wide open just as they had done when they were little baby. That made me melt.  

After a couple of sessions the wriggling stopped and I now have two very relaxed kiddies at bedtime. Not all the time but sometimes they fall asleep immediately. I believe the balm plus a little massage followed by a story definitely helps them drift off to sleep land!

I recommend its a lovely way to have some one to one bonding, even with a bigger kids!!! 

If you're a parent to be or have a pack of cheeky monkeys at home, please give @MumandMe_UK a follow on Twitter. They love mums and babies.  

Otherwise products can be purchased in Tesco, Boots, Sainsburys, Morrisons & Asda The Sleep tight Balm RRP £3.49 

Now a little treat from me to you I have a 


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, 21 November 2012



The holidays are coming! That's right Christmas is upon us! 
Its makes me think of family, my friends, shopping, colder days, longer darker nights.  All the stress of the build-up coming to Christmas!

How about winning a BIG pick me-up? 
Something to spoil the entire family.

Hot Tub Barn have launched a Splashtastic giveaway! 

Imagine having your very own Hot Tub over the Festive Season.  Who fancies a dip while the bird is cooking in the over?  
Just think of your neighbours, jealous sneaking a peek. Mine would come and share a mince pie and a glass of port for a dip.

The Prize

Win a Hot Tub for Christmas and NYEHot Tub Barn will deliver and install a fantastic, fully featured hot tub before Saturday 22nd December 2012.

You have full use of the spa during the festive period, including Christmas and New Years Eve.
They will collect the hot tub after Wednesday 3rd January 2013.

Enter to Win or Nominate a Winner

Just state why you or your nominee should enjoy a slice of spa living this Christmas.
One entry per person is valid, but a nominee can receive multiple nominations.

Hot Tubs Barn Competition Link - Please complete

Prize Claim

We'll contact the prize winner by telephone on Saturday 15th December 2012 to arrange installation.
Go on, take the Plunge! I wish you oodles of luck! 

Also please ensure to #SpreadTheWord to be entered into their bonus prize draw to win extra goodies, so tweet & share on Facebook.
Draw takes place 15th December! 

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Lets Carve! Pumkins at the ready... GO!!!

HALLOWEEN is almost upon us and my wonderful sons have no idea whats about to happen. James has shown no interest in Halloween however little brother Liam is very interested, he keeps pointing out black cats, bats, witches. PUMPKINS means HALLOWEEN.
I wanted to get myself into the festive spirit and entertain my little people at the same time, I decide we should carve our first pumpkin together!

I brought a decide size and good sharp from the Co-Op.  1 for £3 or a super deal 2 for £5.

Tools used/needed:
Peeler with the bit to dig out bits,  a round edged flat knife, like a butter knife and small shape knife

Due to the using sharp blades, children should just watch, unless they are using a blunt knife for scooping and scraping and please ensure they are being supervised at all times.

Firstly, choose a design, there are plenty online if you get stuck for ideas.  I decided to do a cat, to be honest I'm awful at drawing, but James helped with the outline which came out really well.

We used a pencil to draw the outline.
I started scrapping and got KNOW WHERE so I called in back-up, the boys used their little hands for super scooping!

With a sharp knife tip prick holes along the penciled lines.  Then trace the holes with the sharp knife, like dot to dot, make sure to push the knife through in to the pumpkin. I went around a couple of times, until the knife went smoothly along, I could then push the pumpkin in.

I used my peeler to do all the curved areas.  Once finished I used the flat knife to smooth (scrape) down all the rough edges to make it tidy.

I never gave my pumpkin lid but I cut a biggish circle in the back, James took out all the seeds and stringy bits and Liam popped the candle in there.


I'd love it know how you've got on! So leave me your thoughts! xx 

Friday, 14 September 2012

Oriflame's Eco Beauty Range Review

Its not often I volunteer my services, Oriflame were looking for bloggers on Twitter! So I stepped up, thinking this would make a wonderful change from my usual ramblings.  No surprises I was right!

I had kindly been sent 3 products from Oriflame's Eco Beauty Range;

Smoothing Eye Cream, Smoothing Day Cream & Smoothing Night Cream.
I was delighted, I am aware of the brand as I recently won a range of holiday care products (all still wrapped).  I've never used Oriflame before.  So I was excited to use something new as I am a newbie to their range.

Oriflame is a Swedish Cosmetic company, which has been operating in the UK for over 40 years, selling cosmetics thought direct sellers, operating through agent selling to their local communities. They have a huge range of cosmetic mostly can be found on their website and can be purchased online. Oriflame

Now, a little history on me!  I'm more of a Boots & Superdrugs type of girl. I tend to use Nivea as a base cream then apply a moisturiser.  I have and I do dabble with more luxury brands too but to be honest either they our to expensive for my budget, I don't use them again and again or I don't see what all the fuss is about. 

I have highly sensitive skin, harsh products make my skin blotchy, drys it out, while other products just don't hydrate my skin enough, at 36 years of age I still break out in spots, I've very few fine lines.  I'm a massive fuss pot when it come to face creams, I don't expect miracles, I'm still searching for the right one.  Over the years I notice my skins requires different things. I'm at the age were my skin desires to be hydrated. I've been using these products for over a month, with and with out make-up.
I've been using these products for over a month, with and with out make-up.

Ecobeauty Smoothing Day Cream - £16.95 
Innovative and natural, this multi-action anti-oxidant Day cream helps replenish your skin and reinforce its protective barrier to fight imperfections.
To be applied daily on cleansed skin.
2 pea size drops more than enough to cover the entire face.The cream feels rich, its supple and creamy in texture, luxurious to touch, my skin just soaked it up all a sponge.  No reminiscent of greasy skin.

Results: I couldn't say there was visual results but after 2 weeks the change in my skin was noticeable. My skin feels, fresh, no dry flaky skin whatsoever anywhere.  

Ecobeauty Smoothing Night Cream - £16.95
Which to be honest is amazing (its been hot, cold, rained)  This multi-action anti-oxidant Night Cream intensely nourishes, protects and rejuvenates your skin while you sleep.
To be applied on cleansed skin
1 pea size drop should be enough to cover the face
This feels much thicker, my skin actually feels like its been protected, again none greasy

Results: Prior to using; Most morning (I'm not a morning person I'm surprised I don't scare my family) I skin will be dry and mostly has patches of flakly skin.
My face feels soft, normal, hydrated, its not flaky anymore! Hand on my heart I love this night cream.
Both smell the same, very light floral/coconut scent. Pleasant.

Ecobeauty Smoothing Eye Cream - £12.95
Exclusive, lightweight and natural formula that smoothens fine lines and reduces puffiness & dark circles around the eye.
To be applied daily to eye contour (used this in the morning & at night)
Just a small drop needed
This isn't as thick in texture, still feels rich, no scent
prior to using. In the last few months, the skin under my eyes had become dull, tight, dry, skin becomes flakes

ResultsAgain the contour around of my eyes feels normal, skin is smooth, my fine lines vanished.

My face is glowing, no dry patches, just normal healthy looking skin. I still get spots but this isn't a miracle cream. Best news no more having to reapply cream throughout the day.  
No make-up mishaps, worked great as a base and my make-up stayed in place. I am really chuffed with these results.

I highly recommend to my readers. 

I personally consider the product will sell it self as an Eco-friendly line but, the benefit is immense to my skin.  The packaging looks superb, the price is perfect.  I'm truly amazed by the performance. 
All the products can be purchased on the Oriflame Ecobeauty  Website

Importantly This is their ECO Beauty Range:

Please note these products contain Fradetrade certified ingredients, Vegan & Eco Cert. Ecobeauty Hydrating Foundation is ECOCERT-certified natural. This guarantees 99% of all ingredients are of natural origin and derived from renewable resources, and 7% of the formulation contains organic ingredients. This foundation is FREE from parabens and synthetic perfumes and is contained in packaging made with 100% recyclable materials.


Win a new bike! My Jenny Craig competition entry


Are running a great competition where bloggers can win £400 towards a bike plus a 28 day weight loss programme, there are other amazing runners up prizes too - all you need to do is blog with a question for their weight management experts. 

When I saw this fabulous competition my heart skipped a beat!!! I'm always looking for new ways lose weight. I recently moved (feb) and since then I give-up my gym membership.  I have gone from active to flatout zero zilch  and in 7 months I've put on over a stone.  It doesn't help I'm in a new surrounding, faraway from family & friends.  Taking the kids and doggy out doesn't make me sweat off the calories like I used too.  I also find having my little children I tend to eat their high calorie treats sweets/biscuits.

Everyday I wake with good intentions to stay away from the sweet cupboard & do exercise.... I really what to find my exercise mojo back.

My Question;  What can I do to make me burn fat? That is free or very cheap and keep me motivated?  

Get involved too:
Check out all the details on the Jenny Craig BLOG

Get your blog posted TODAY - Deadline today!!!

Monday, 16 July 2012


Well, it has been a while!!! 
I'm blaming my laptop for dying on me, it took months to be fixed.  However I have missed writing, saying that I'm such a massive fuss pot, it takes me ages to get the cogs churning in my head for inspiration.
Good news the cogs have movement.

I've put together a little review of my Phil & Teds buggy, enjoy.

With extras: Cocoon, Double Kit & Rain Cover. 

As any parent knows choosing the right pram, buggy, pushchair is a hard task.  Its even harder when you've two children of different ages.  Before I brought my Phil & Teds, I did a lot of research, scrolling the Internet for reviews, I even went as far as talking to strangers, getting their opinions, my own market research campaign in the streets of London.  The Phil & Teds was coming up trumps each time.  I was a little put off by the fact that the younger child sat in the back would have a restricted view, but little kiddies didn't seem to complain or mind, the thought had crossed many minds of other parents too.   
Than the next obstacle I didn't like much was the cost, its definitely on the expensive side (well for me).  Lastly, I took a couple of trips to Mothercare, I had a play with a few of the double buggy's.  I was sold over by Phil & Teds buggy, it looked gorgeous, glided through the aisles of the store, most importantly it's very easy to change seat positions, I had worried about this thinking it would be complicated, especially with a new born and toddler running riot.
I saved for a couple of months and with much delight I purchased this super piece of kit, it arrived from Mothercare, 2 months before Bubba was born, I was so excited, hurrying the little chapping to arrive, so we can cruise the streets! 

This Phil & Teds buggy is designed to carry up to 2 children under 4yo or with a combination weight of 40 kilos. 
The Double kits (2nd detachable seat) must be purchased separately, as this can be attached to the buggy (in 2 different seating positions - for a 2nd child) 
For safely, the heavier child must always be sat in the front, otherwise the buggy falls backwards with uneven weight distribution.  

Originally I set my buggy up for a new born/infant & bigger child.  As seen in Pic 1. 
I used the Cocoon (matching carry cot) for a few months.  The front seat drops down, the cocoon lies flat where Bubba mostly slept in comfort and could see his tiny little body.
The Doubles kit is placed in the front hinges for James, to sit up right facing forward comfortably.  In this position the bigger child will sit high in the buggy, but they are very comfortable. 

Pic 1.
Once Bubba was able to sit-up, I changed the seat set-up. The front seat is easily adjusted, pushed back to the upright position. Then the Double kit unclips, slots into the back hinges, behind the front chair as the extra passenger seat. Both children are now upright, facing forward. As seen in Pic 2.

Pic 2.
I recommend this buggy for 2 children. The design is fantastic compared to other twin buggy's on the market. I found it a hard wearing piece of essential kit for any parent. It's big, strong, children travel in comfort, in all weathers, on all terrains.  Easy to change positions. 

Now James is 4 & Bubba 2.  Bubba still prefers to ride in his wheels, James is happiest on his scooter. The additional benefit with this buggy is I now leave off the Doubles kit, so Bubba rides alone.  
However, if we're travelling away for day or longer, having the Doubles kit comes in handy.  Especially when both boys are fed-up of walking or want to sleep.  
For 2 years it has been used almost everyday.  Its has an awfully lot of wear left, a few scrapes here and there.
Buggy set-up as single carrier
When using my Phil & Teds either as a single or double buggy, I walk a lot, travelling on buses, underground, in cars, I've had no problems.  
The front wheel swizzles, changing direction & manoeuvring is easy, either on the street, through park land, sand, muddy ground.
Its easy to set-up, push, fold down, clean, the tires come off with easy.
Considering the size, It doesn't take up too much space once folded down. It will fit in too large car boot, 3 door cars may have problems, I recommend to get measurements.
There are plenty of accessories on the market to make it to your personal taste. Shade covers, rain covers, bags, cup holders, cosy toes, the buggies come in a fabulous range of colours.

Negative points:
Tires puncher, I've had 2 punched tyres (both flat like pancakes) I managed to get replacement inner tube off eBay, (or if you have a puncher repair kits that works) changing the inner tube very easily 
Also the tires should be pumped up on a regular basis, otherwise the buggy feels heavy and sluggish.
The shopping basket is fairly small too, when Bubba sits in the back seat his legs stretch out in the shopping basket, taken up much of the room.  
Its very important to ensure your child's feet do remain in the basket.  On one occasion when James decided to sit in the back, monkeying about (he was 3 at the time) his leg & foot got caught and went under the wheel and pulled backwards.  I was very lucky he didn't do himself any damage, we were both more shocked by the experience.   
It has a wide frame which is heavy at 11 kilos when empty

I'm giving my Phil & Teds an 9/10

Retails £395 Buggy, £20 Rain cover, £60 Double kit, £46 Cocoon

Features and benefits
Lightweight alloy frame
Easy folding system
Single-action double brakes for extra safety
Wrist strap
Reversible handle for user comfort
Sun hood with viewing window
Quick release wheels for easy transportation
Large shopping basket
Lockable front swivel wheel
4-position ergonomic seat adjusts from flat for newborn to upright for toddler
Rear guards
Multi-position handle
Optional Doubles kit available
Please note harness straps differ slightly from pushchair pictured
Suitable for children up to 4 years or maximum weight of 40kg/88lbs
With the double kit attached the recommended maximum load is 25kg/55lbs in front seat and 15kg/33lbs in rear seat

Sunday, 18 March 2012

FANCY WINNING? Its a LondonBird THING! x

The Winners
@KatieMackenzie - 1. Royale Bouquet Baaylis & Harding Body Wash & Handy Lotion 100ml each with Polisher
@BethPSlamin - 2. A Bar of This is My Soap - Lucky dip But is smells divine
@JoanneBlunt - 3. Gorgeous Petty Polly - Ladders tights - Size: Height 5' to 5'10 - Fits up to 42'
@NuttyNel - 4. Ciate Big Yellow Taxi Nail Enamel 13.5ml
@Khal_Khaleesi - 5. Terrys All Gold Milk Chocolates 400g


I have been Comping for almost a year! As a little thank you, for giggles, support to my followers and many fantastic friends I have made along the way
I am running my first Twitter Competition!

Plus it MOTHERS DAY! Happy Mothers days all the lovely Mummies xx
Please answer the following:
What the Best & Worst things you've ever won?
Now for your entrie to count.
1. Please make sure you follow me on Twitter @LondonBirdLucy
2. Tweet: Fancy Winning with @LondonBirdLucy #LondonBird
3. Follow my Blog
4. Leave your answer in the comments with your twitter name below on my blog!
I will pick a random followers from the answers left on my blog at 3pm tomorrow - 19th March
Prizes included:
1. Royale Bouquet Baaylis & Harding Body Wash & Handy Lotion 100ml each with Polisher
2. A Bar of This is My Soap - Lucky dip But is smells divine
3. Gorgeous Petty Polly - Ladders tights - Size: Height 5' to 5'10 - Fits up to 42'
4. Ciate Big Yellow Taxi Nail Enamel 13.5ml
5. Terrys All Gold Milk Chocolates 400g


Monday, 12 March 2012


Hi guys, my most of you all know I'm in competition run by Slendertone. It is a voting comp and I need all the help he can get. The lovely people at Slendertone have kindly donated £50 voucher to halp raise awareness of the comp, so there's something in it for you too. If you need any help with any comps then please just ask i'm happy to return the favour.


Sunday, 5 February 2012

Zumba Fitness DVDs

This one is for the Ladies! Bootalious Zumba
For a few months I wanted to start getting into shape, I wasn’t feeling confident to exercise in public and with 2 little ones, finding excuses to exercise became very easy.
I few of my friends had mentioned going to Zumba classes, they raved about how great they felt, this really made me motivated to get fitter.

Beto Perez is the creator of Zumba Fitness. Zumba actually is an aerobic dance, the choreography incorporates a mixture of Latin dance moves, influences from Meregue, Salsa, Samba, Mambo, these have been incorporated with some modern dances, such a Hip-Hop with martial arts thrown in the mix. The music matches the dances, with slow and fast rhythms from Cumbia, Salsa, Merengue, Mambo, Flamenco, Chachacha, Reggaeton, Soca, Samba, Belly Dancing, Bhangra, Hip-Hop Music and the Tango.  

The Zumba Fitness DVD set 4 disc, included Basic & 20 minute express, Cardio party, Sculpt & Tone, Live & Flat Abs. Toning sticks and the Total-Body Transformation Guide!

Prior to having these DVD's I knew nothing about Zumba, I had never participated in a class, I hadn't a clue what to expect. Thankfully the total-body transformation guide is packed with all the information a beginner needs. A little insight into the guide, its has the usual introduction blur, what is Zumba, motivation talk, training tips and a 10 day diet plan.
There is a chapter Groovin' and Movin' - Its an introduction and a soft way in to getting into the Latin groove of Zumba, learning the moves, in a slow technical way over 7 days, Working out to Zumba Basic & Zumba 20 Minute express DVD's. I found this learning method fun & easy, it definitely helped, rather then being thrown into the deep end, most of the moves can be learnt in 3 easy breakdown steps. After the first week I felt comfortable with the moves, I hadn't nailed them but, I understood how to dance them and got in the Latin groove with the music.

Day 1 Zumba Basic
Day 2 Zumba Basic
Day 3 Zumba 20 minute express
Day 4 Free day
Day 5 Zumba 20 minute express
Day 6 Free day
Day 7 Zumba 20 minute express

Also, there is a 10 day accelerated fat loss programme. It says to lose a dress size! Using the other DVDs, the workouts are slightly faster, as each day went by, I actually felt, fitter keeping up with the routines and the routine became easier. I got to rotate the DVDs so it didn't get boring doing the same exercises everyday, which can be important if you like to mix things up. I lost 4lbs and not a dress size. I was fairly disappointed with these results.
I received my Hotpants and decided to continuing training while wearing them.
Another programme to follow is Get Super-Sculpted, it definitely gets the heart rate pumping, the cardio routines are faster, some funky, with new moves and lots of booty shaking.

Get Super-Sculpted Day 10 routine

Day 1 Zumba Sculpt & Tone
Day 2 20 minute Express
Day 3 Zumba Sculpt & Tone
Day 4 Free day
Day 5 Zumba Sculpt & Tone
Day 6 20 minute express
Day 7 Zumba Sculpt & Tone
Day 8 Free day
Day 9 Zumba Sculpt & Tone
Day 10 20 minute express

I tried to stick to this routine, however I may had skipped an odd day here are there. My fitness levels were increasing.

I was feeling very confident in the routines. I had step it up. So I changed my routine to the harder cardio workouts. I started doing this programme followed by flat abs as an add-on. 

Day 1 Zumba Cardio Party followed by Zumba Abs
Day 2 Zumba Sculpt & Tone followed by Zumba Abs
Day 3 Zumba Cardio Party followed by Zumba Abs
Day 4 Zumba Abs
Day 5 Zumba Cardio Party followed by Zumba Abs
Day 6 Zumba Sculpt & Tone followed by Zumba Abs
Day 7 Zumba Cardio Party followed by Zumba Abs
Day 8 Free day
Day 9 Zumba Live 

I found that doing Zumba Live felt very energetic, a bit like an Aerobic routine, so I tried to do this more and follow it was the Abs routine. I wanted to focus on my problem area. The abs workout last only 20 minutes but as an add-on the workout could last upto 80 minutes. Wearing Hotpants, the sweat would just pouring off me, by the bucket full! I loved the flat abs, which really worked my problem area, if for any reason I would be short of time, I just do the flat abs.

In 28 days I lost 9lbs, 4 inches from my waist (I have a waist! Yay) and 3.5 inches off my hips! And most of all I found it fun...
I've had a long break from my Zumba DVD's but I think its time to blow off the dust and give them another go! If you haven't got time to go to the gym, maybe its not affordable, or you are not confident to exercise in public, I say give Zumba a go. You don't have be a dancer or even like Latin music, if you do its a bonus.
Zumba is a favourite of mine now, I've even been to a few classes, where I feel I've 2 left feet, but most I can keep up with the routines without falling over!

I'm going to give this workout 5 out of 5 stars; there are so many exercise DVDs on the market but this one had kept of attention! Well done ;)
Currently the sale price is £49.99 however the Amazon have it on sale (as of 6/2/12) at £29.99

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Benefit & Diet Coke Get Glam Experience

I was very fortunate to be a guest at the Get Glam experience at Benefit Boutique (HQ London) to celebrate the new Diet Coke Get Glam Collection.  Benefit have teamed up with Diet Coke to launch a glamorous and fun limited edition can collection, showcasing three of the hottest fashion and beauty looks for Spring in 2012. Romantic, Rock Chick, and Fashionista.

I hope you recognise these lovelies dollies, Irene looks hot as Rock Chick, Eleanor looks sharp as Fashionista and Bernadette looks cute as Romantic! They have had a fabulous makeover by Benefit!

When I think of Benefit I always think 1950's pop art, lots of fresh bright colours and smiles, I wasn't disappointed lots of beautiful glamorous staff on hand to meet and greet me on arrival, the atmophere was buzzing, Diet Coke and Canapes offered too.

I had the very stunning Lauren whom was my makeup artist for the evening. She has been working for Benefit for the last 4 years. She knew her stuff, explained all the products she used and answered all my questions. To be familiarised with the new looks, Lauren would recreate The Romantic look as worn by Diet Coke Dolly Bernadette.

Prep:   Freshens my face with Ultra Radiance Facial Re-Hydrating Mist. I asked for some It's Potent! Eye Cream, it fades dark circles and fine lines, the area under my eyes gets dry too.  Pore Fessional was applied to my T-zone, this great product, gentle smooth's over the pores, creating a smooth surface to work on, but it can be applied anywhere you have pores or uneven surfaces, works like a filler. Followed all over my face with You Rebel Tinted Moisturizer, this gives a very fresh look with a slight tinted glow, it doesn't stain and will wash off. A few touch ups with Boi ing Concealer, mainly on my blemishes and under my eyes to give me an even colour all round.
Cheeks:   Another fairly new product is the Cha Cha' Bene' & Posie 'Tint... This is something I have never come across. The bottle looks like a nail polish, but it not for your nails. I had Posietint, for poppy-pink tinted lips & cheeks. Its very important to apply two dots with the brush to the cheek bone, this spreads to a translucent fresh looking blush, then add to lips, it will stain these areas for up to 8 hours, they blend in with all skin tones.
Lips:  Posietint already on, now to make me look pouty, Lip Gloss was added.

Eyes:  Buckle Bunny Velvet Eyeshadow for gorgeous sexy shimmering eyelids and You're Real Mascara, I liked this, it really fanned out my eyelashes and coated the evenly. Its made with beeswax, over time lashes become thicker and naturally curl upwards. I have a couple of gaps in my eyebrows, years of plucking, Benefit have Brow zings this really blended well looking very natural, kit contains a pigmented wax for shaping & natural-shaded powder for setting (fills the gaps well). Having tidy Eyebrows will really finish a look.

Scent: Laugh with me LeeLee - This smells lush, fresh lemons spring to mind, very zesty, clean full of citrus notes and not over powering. I smelt all the range, Laugh with me LeeLee is my favourite by far. This is now on my wishlist!

The overall look is very quick to do, its fresh daytime look, great for bringing out the eyes and cheeks!
As a treat I bought myself the Pore Fessional at £23.50 and the You're Real Mascara at £18.50. I was impressed with both products. I liked their It's Potent Eye Cream and Laugh with me LeeLee maybe another time!
I was lucky to receive a goodie bag (smiles) I had a couple of samples of Benetint, It's Potent! Eye Cream & So hooked on Carmella eau de toilette and not to forget a new edition of Diet Coke. Also all promotional cans have a £5 discount with every spend over £25. Well worth it!

I would also like to thank my lovely friend Lynn Fancy who's guest I should had been, she was unable to make it.  Goodie Bag on its way to you sweetie! x

Most High Street Boots will stock Benefit otherwise have a look at their website:  Also They have a great interesting blog:
 Diet Coke can be found everywhere! #FACT 

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Changing my mind is okay! Say good bye to Slimavite, Hello old me

Okay! Have to be honest... and that starts with being honest with myself!
I have quit the Slimavite plan. I so wanted to get to grips with it. The first week worked well, I lost
3 lbs and I felt happy with the results.
However, something inside just didn't feel right, even thou I was not hungry I wasn't satisfied, something in my mind wanted real, normal food.

I had a rest for a couple of days then restart the plan, every day for 5 days I had a shake for breakfast then I just could not continue, either skipping all food until dinner time or nibbling food. I would end up over eating in the evening having a massive dinner or indulging in mega sinful food like Pizza, McDonalds & chocolate which I usually stay clear of.
So rather then torturing myself best to quit and start with what works for me.

What I have learnt, is that not all diets are suitable for everyone, it does not mean they don't work, as individuals we must find what works for us. I like cooking, I enjoy good tasty fresh food. I missed my breakfast routine and so many foods. So back to what I know.

On a high note, with good news, I have received my new Capri Flares! I've worn them around my flat, fresh swoosh's, my family can hear me coming. I wore them to the shops and felt very warm. I like, I like alot I feel like a new 2 week challenge needs to get started! As I say to my boys... Let Rock 'n' Roll! Lets get this show started!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

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