Monday, 19 September 2011

I am Still Aching!!

I am so lucky, my asked my best friend, Christine to join me at the Gym on Saturday...
He-he, I had a plan to gather as much knowledge from her as possible.
So you get a little back ground, Chrissy has been my best mate since I was 16! She has recently lost just under 3 stones (in a record 4 months), with her Personal Trainer,  Freddie Hick, whom is part of the UK Strong man team, currently no 2 in the UK.
Now to achieve weight-loss, rather then exercising doing Cardio workouts only, I'm going to incorporate free weights on a high protein diet.
Christine was kind enough to put a program together for me, along the lines Freddie had put together for her.

5 minutes or fast walking or jogging
If walking do this on 5 incline

4x10 - 10kg Kettle Bell Squats
(Back Straight, shoulders back - weight between legs, no need to put the weight on the floor, legs wide apart, toes pointing out)
4x10 - 20kg (Bar only) Squat Rack Squats
(Make sure the bar is on the fleshing part of my back not neck - bum must be pushed out as much as possible, almost sitting down)
Do Walking Lunges, walk 30 meters with 8kg Dumb Bells (4kg in each hand)


3x10 - 12.5kg Chest-Press
3x10 - 10kg Bell Bar (bar only) Start on neck and shoulders, push over head and stretch arms up above head, lifted
2x10 - 12kg (6kg in each hand) Flies - Lying on my back, arms stretched out sideways, bringing them up together and down again.   
2x15 - 8kg (one Fat weight) Behind Head Lifts - Working Triceps


3x10 - 4kg Medicine Ball Sit-ups
3x10 - 4kg Medicine Ball Side to Side sit-ups
3x1 minute Planks
3x1 minute Leg Raises (As many as I can do)

Must stretched out worked areas, can do this on the PowerPlates, hold positions for at less 30sec

15 Minutes on the Treadmill - Either
Walk for 2 minutes and then run for 2 minutes
When I am comfortable with running only, change the pace every 2 minutes, pace 8 then pace 9.5, then back to pace 8.

She has given me some TIPS:
Eat a banana 1 hour before training
Try and eat a Protein bar once finished
Workout at least 4 times a week but no more then 6.
Very Important: Work on either Upper or Lower Body & rest this area the following day to ensure the muscles repair!!!

She's also advance that it is best to start a Weight routine and finish off with a Cardio workout, as you burn more fat!

Also no Carbohydrates after 3pm! This is going to be really hard, but I will try my hardest!
I am a fussy eater, I don't eat fish, chicken and most meats...  Eggs and cottage cheese will be my best friends.

Please note Christine is NOT a Personal Trainer, she has just started her GNVQ level 2 instructors training course.  She may very well follow this with the Personal Trainers Course.
This routine is designed for me.