Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Its Sonics Birthday

I would like to wish a very successful Hedgehog a Happy 20th Birthday!
I think you know who I mean!

If you are like me, most of you will remember Sonic from the ‘90s, first appearing on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive! Our friendly super speedy friend had been designed to take over the popularity from an Italian Plumber, Mario! At that time, Nintendo was taking over the gaming industry, leaving Sega behind to chew on its dust. Sega wanted a piece of action, hence Sonic was born, the brain child of Yuji Naka. Platform games were the trend and Sonic being quick off the mark, literally, a new leader was born.
Strangely, Sega sold the The Mega Drive and Sonic as a package, I myself remember thinking what a deal to be had, and I had it. I loved playing all the different levels, my favourite is The Lost Worlds – Casino Night Zone Act 2, so many rings to collect, I loved being flicked from loop too loops and shooting through the sky, lots of hidden rooms and parts of the level looking like a Pingball Machine, kept me entertained for hours.
Sonic become a global success, this cute little hedgehog, came with an attitude, he wanted to the played with and if he wasn’t plenty foot tapping happened!
Sega had released a couple of sequels, in the coming years. Also introduced a few additional characters, his buddy Tails and girlfriend, Amy. Sonic could now be found everywhere. Later in life he was the new ambassador for Sega Saturn, launched in 1996, same time as The Sony PlayStation. The Playstation pushed Sonic 3D Blast and Saturn out of the window, down the road, until it really fizzled out. It took a couple of years for Sonic to find his feet again, eventually the console wars had begun all battling for the number one title. PlayStation 2, Nintendo Gamecube, Sega The Dreamcast and Mircosofts Xbox where on the Market. During this time Sonic fan played him on the Dreamcast. But due to the demand of the other consoles Sega hardware cessed.
However Luckily for Sonic, he continued to live on including appearing with other companies, such as Nintendo. In 2007 Mario and Sonic where released at the Olympic games, bring them both equal success. I regard myself as Sonic fan and miss Sonic on the Mega Drive. I had download Sonic on to my Iphone and still enjoy playing this retro game and my 3yo son likes to have a blast too!
To mark the 20th anniversary, Sega will be releasing Sonic Generations. A combination of modern, classic Sonic, with a 3D style, so you diehard and new Sonic fans watch this space, Sonic could be back on the leader board.