Friday, 14 October 2011

Iphone 3G - My beloved gadget

Well, I have had my Iphone 3G for 18months. It’s actually very much part of my life; I use it constantly, it gets taken everywhere with me.
In this day and age, technology is continually revolving. Apple recently launched the iPad2 and I’m hearing whispers of the imminent release of IPhone 5 in Japan.
When I first got my hands of my IPhone, it was a revolutionary piece of tech. Visually it is similar to the IPod 80gb in size, cute in appearance and appeals to everyone. It has a fabulous feel in your hands, feeling solid with a nice weight to it. The handset came with a plug in the wall charger, not having to charge it to a PC does come in handy, also came a set of headphones.
The first thing that stands out is its touch screen, touch the icons rather than pushing buttons? It’s not the first to have touch screen technology but due to its intuitive layout its certainly history in the making, it didn’t take me long to familiarise myself with this.

Obviously, it’s sold as a mobile phone, there is the Phone icon. There is a separate icon for Contacts where you could upload your saved contacts from you Sim card and add new ones.
I have the following icons;
Messages, Notes (notepad), as standard, the Utilities; Clock, Calculator, Voice Memos, Calendar, Weather, Stocks, Maps, Settings, Photos and Camera.
Also Safari, Mail (link to your personal email account) and an IPod. Being an Apple product you get ITunes & App Store. These make the IPhone incredibly superior, no-other Smart/Android phone manufacturer can use these applications.
When I first got the IPhone I wanted to play with it but ,not sure what to explore I first went for the IPod App , being quite similar with my actual IPod. Once I had synced my phone to ITunes. Using the IPod feature was brilliant and I was happy enough to listen to the music through the built in-speaker, which were small but powerful enough to listen and lights up any room with some beats. Then the YouTube App really excited me, as I was able to view my favourite music clips on my phone clearly with no bugs, Wow, unbelievable. My boyfriend had a BlackBerry, it is awful for playing YouTube clips as it freezed all the time. Ha Ha mine is already better I thought.
I wanted to have a mobile mostly to access the internet. My other interest is taking photo and video clips. I had a new born baby and wanted to capture all of his magical moments.
I wasn’t too keen on the Camera App, I found it very basic, tap and take photo, no zoom, no flash, no enhancing , also no Video App. However, I realised... Hello App store, it’s the whole purpose of having this at your finger tips. I searched for a better Camera/Video App. There are plenty to choose from and ranging from free to a few pounds, genius.
This started the cogs churning in my mind, what to add to my IPhone... First I added Facebook! Well, if I have to be honest that’s why I wanted the internet.
Now games, stacks of them. My Boyfriend shouting at me “DoodleJump” Doodle What... Haha, I like this, so simple and addictive to play
Now there are Apps for everything, Apps for making Apps - Ripe! Shopping, for the connoisseur shopper with Harrods too me shopping at Tesco’s. Lifestyle, Entertainment, Social Networking to name a few. These are forever changing and multiplying
I love my phone, it is a Smart phone, it’s amazing. I can’t get over that someone else can text or email me an address and I can look it up without moving to a PC, the Map App shows me how to walk there if I wanted to know. The built in GPS will even show me as a flashing dot walking and my whereabouts!
I could be sitting in Hyde Park playing with my family, in a few taps I can show my friends on FB & Twitter where I am and even add photos. I can play Bejewelled on the tube to kill time. I have even missed my stop because of that. I have added learning Apps for my son. Downside occasionally he doesn’t want to give my IPhone back to me.
I was recently introduced to IBooks, Awesome. Up-loading books and seeing them just as published, its magical. I could not live without my IPhone, without it my fruit basket whole feel very empty.
It is so useful, take it to bed with you... have your favourite song as your alarm!
All the Apps you purchase, if they get updated by the suppler, you’ll be sent notifications to update the current App you have, usually free.
I recommend the IPhone, the Smart Phone is the way forward, but this started the Apple revolution. Prices can vary depending however much memory it has, it currently comes in Black or White. I also recommend taking out insurance for it. And if you like accessorising, brilliant there are cases and screen protectors in abundance.
Also, I Live in Central London, it very rare I cannot get reception, so no complaints here. I did come across one fault a few months ago, at the back of the phone a small crack appeared in the centre, the crack eventually got longer. I took it to the Apple Store, they swapped it for a reconditioned phone at no charge.
For me it’s a great gadget, elegant in appearance and has so many uses other than being a mobile phone.

5 out of 5 stars
Prices for a new handset £349 for the Iphone 3G 8GB. Worth every penny!