Thursday, 27 October 2011

HOTPANTS! Yeah they'll make you HOT!

Okay my long a waited review for my beloved Hotpants!
A few months ago in Twitter I saw a Company; Hotpants offering a free pair of their Hotpants. I had an image of a sexy pair of shorts, not for me and my massive backside! However after a bit of research I saw that these shorts where supposedly magical and help weight loss! Well, I jumped at the chance. Anything to help me shifted a few pounds I was there with bells on top! Don’t get me wrong I was very sceptical about these wonder pants, but I wanted to make my own mind up, so I decided to give it my all!

I had to wait a few weeks before they could be delivered the demand on them where absolutely phenomenal, 3 weeks waiting period. I understand this has now changed just a couple of days (UK).
Started 2nd July: After wearing my Hotpants for 2 weeks,
Measurements taken on day 15
I lost 7lb in total
Lost 2.5 Inches from my Waist
Almost 3 Inches from my Hips
& 4 Inches on my Right Thigh
I was so uber impressed with my results I continued this experiment; during this time I had tore my calf muscle, I could not do any exercise for 7 days, very annoying.
16th July: Started After wearing my Hotpants for 4 weeks,
Measurements taken on day 29
I lost a further 2lbs, 9lbs in total
Lost just under 5 inches from my Waist
Only 1 Inches in total from my Hips in total (my hips went up)
& 4 Inches on my Right Thigh – remained the same!
I am true believer that Hotpants will aid weight loss, they concentrate on the target area they cover. My Hotpant pulled up over my waist and didn’t roll down, hence they had a maximum affect on my waistline. The first couple of workouts were very hard, I started sweating during the warm-up, by the time my workout over was, I would be soaking wet. At first the actual Hotpants restricted in my movements between my waist and hips, I could not move them in opposite directions but, after a few wears/washes I could move with ease. Now there are like a second skin, very comfortable to wear, during the day, exercise, gym and even to sleep in.
I actually started working out a month before my hotpants arrived, but I only lost 4lbs in that time! During this period I started eating healthier, cutting out hard cheeses, red meat, swapping normal products for the low fat/calorie varieties. Eating less carbs, cutting down on rice too. So I was very disappointed that my weight was not going down.

I knew I had to get active for changes to happen. I started working out to the Zumba DVD 4 disc collection at home. For the first 7 days I followed their beginners program.

This had got me used to the moves (not the tricky ones) but I was feeling & enjoying it

Thereafter I had followed their Get Super-Sculpted Day 10 routine - I actually did this 3 weeks
I tried to stick to this routine, however I may had skipped an odd day here are there. But as I said my weight was not going down. But my fitness levels were increasing.
I was feeling very confident in the routines. I had step it up. So I changed my routine to the harder cardio workouts.

I found that doing Zumba Live felt very energetic, a bit like an Aerobic routine,I also added the Zumba Abs, I wanted to focus on this problem area of mine.

Hotpants have helped me lose weight and shape my body. I recommend being active, to get awesome results I found working out building a sweat in them works, the more I sweated the more weight I loss. If I can’t work out in them, I'll wear them for long periods of time. I recommend having 2 shorts to wear (they take a long time to dry).
I stopped wearing my Hotpants when I started going to the gym (2 months ago), I just wanted to get used to a new environment (during the first month only). From the 2nd month I now wear them all the time. I really noticed that I heat up so fast, I sweat bucket loads, my skin looks fresh, feels smoother, my cellulite looks reduced in appearance, even my boyfriend has notice the difference.
I recommend this product! HOTPANTS ARE GREAT!
Now to date; Results... I’ve lost 1 stone 6lbs
I have lost 6 Inches off my Waist
Almost 3.5 Inches off my Hips
& Just over 5 inches off my Right Thigh
I have a 2nd pair of pants I’ve gone from a large to medium!
Now For the Science:
How it Works (taken off their website) >>HOW-IT-WORKS<<
HOTPANTS™ contains Celu‐Lite™ technology which maximises the results of your workout by heating those areas covered by HOTPANTS™.
Celu‐Lite™ technology reflects back the heat naturally generated by the body to promote deeper warming of your tissue leading to higher levels of perspiration and therefore breaking down fat and toxins that contribute to the appearance of cellulite.

Hotpants can be purchased direct from their website, prices start from £29.00 definitely value for money.
They are hard wearing, just following washing & drying instructions. NB: as I am getting smaller the bottom leg holes started to get a little baggy, I popped them in the washing machine on a 30 degree wash, they are like new again! (Be ensured this was a one off) and always hang to dry.
If you interested in this fabulous product please have a look at their Website and Facebook page!
Facebook: Zaggora