Friday, 14 October 2011

Family Wii Fun - Just Dance (Original)

I’m not a massive gamer but I love to play games that involve my family and keep me fit...
Just Dance! Does exactly what it says on the tin!
With more than 30 chart-topping tracks, from rock, disco, hip-hop, pop, dating through the years, with even recent hits included, like Hot N Cold by Katy Perry.
It’s a very simple game to play, just as long as you have plenty of floor space to dance, you should be ready to have some fun and boogie away.
I brought the game because I had family coming over for a party, a large group of 20ish people and a mixture of ages 14 – 60. I wanted something everyone could play, like the adverts show. To be honest I was not disappointed. Because, of the wide range of tunes, everyone found something they enjoyed and everyone including my mum (60) had a go and enjoyed it.
It’s very easy to use; hold the Wii controller and follow the characters movements on the screen. Based on the accuracy of your movements, in time to the music, your performance will determine your score. It can get very competitive. Even then you play alone. You score is shown on the TV and will increase during play. Your moves are rated during play, X=Bad move, OK=Okay, Great=You’re fantastic then your TV comes alive and flashes because you’re doing so well.
After a couple of continuous goes, you should work up a sweat. Again, I would recommend if you wanted to exercise, it could be used as an exercise tool to lose weight, in private.
You can play one too four players all alike. There is a quick mode, you’ll dance for 1 minute to your chosen track, getting you to learn the moves and you’d be scored. However I haven’t really used this setting. I have chosen the longer track (Classic) version each time , 3 minutes. Which I find much more fun, you get to learn the moves and actual remember them.
Last One Standing, at the beginning you have seven lives, each incorrect move makes you lose a life. You can regain a life successfully completing a combo of five, Great moves. When all your lives are gone you are eliminated (I have never played this function)
Strike A Pose, the dancers moves when the green light is on and stops when its red. Moving when the red light is on will lose your points, gain them when the green light is on. Really good fun, you can get into dancing and forget to stop dancing.
Anyone can play and you don’t have to be a great mover on the dance floor to have fun.
Recommend to use if you have plenty of floor space, my lounge is spacious but for a strange reason everyone still ended up being space invaders, so be careful. Getting whacked can hurt especially little people.
There’s a full selection of music however if your intention is to use this on a regular basis, you may get bored of the same tracks. I have used this alone too, and found it fun, mostly laughing at myself, happy no-one else could see me, looking rather silly. Its great the parties, families get together or friends wanting to have a laugh and wanting some entertainment.
Also the rating is from 3, my son is a 3yo, and I wouldn’t let him play, he cannot concentrate on the TV for more than a couple of seconds and prefers to try to hold my legs rather than let me dance.

Currently it's being sold for £13.99 on Amazon

I'm sure you can purchase it on Ebay cheaper. I'd give it a 4 out of 5 stars rating