Monday, 14 November 2011

Competition Time - Win an Andy Pad Pro with Gadget Stylist

Anyone interested in a tablet? I recently came across a new one...
An Andy Pad Pro? Is looks pretty snazzy, with a massive bonus, its doesn't cost an arm or a leg! Every penny counts at this time of year. The Andy Pad costs a mere £169!

FEATURES:The Andy Pad Pro is a fully featured Android tab that is perfect for the casual tablet user, ideal for sofa-surfing and keeping the kids entertained. It has a 7inch screen, built in 16GB internal memory and runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread. This means you can enjoy many of the app’s available on the Android Market. It comes with Dropbox, Evernote,Facebook Apps pre-loaded. Also video on demand TV services such as BBC iPlayer and ITV Player can be added.

Unlike the IPad its web browser supports flash and you can expand the memory up to 32GB of storage. There’s the usual Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and even two cameras built-in.

If you fancy treating someone at Christmas, this would be an ideal gift, for everyone even mum's (that's me) and Dad of course!

Otherwise put your luck to the test, GadgetStylist and Andy Pad have teamed to mark the launch of the new tablet PC. One lucky person will win an Andy Pad Pro! To stand a chance of winning, read more about the competition on the GadgetStylist website by visiting Gadget Stylist and following the instructions to Tweet the GadgetStylist and Andy Pad message on Twitter.

Make sure you hurry though as the competition will run until the 18th November 2011 with the winner being chosen in the following week. GadgetStylist will get in touch with the lucky winner via Twitter, and send them their Andy Pad Pro within 28 days.

For full terms and conditions please visit Gadget Stylist
I hope you enjoyed this! Lucy ;)

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Its Sonics Birthday

I would like to wish a very successful Hedgehog a Happy 20th Birthday!
I think you know who I mean!

If you are like me, most of you will remember Sonic from the ‘90s, first appearing on the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive! Our friendly super speedy friend had been designed to take over the popularity from an Italian Plumber, Mario! At that time, Nintendo was taking over the gaming industry, leaving Sega behind to chew on its dust. Sega wanted a piece of action, hence Sonic was born, the brain child of Yuji Naka. Platform games were the trend and Sonic being quick off the mark, literally, a new leader was born.
Strangely, Sega sold the The Mega Drive and Sonic as a package, I myself remember thinking what a deal to be had, and I had it. I loved playing all the different levels, my favourite is The Lost Worlds – Casino Night Zone Act 2, so many rings to collect, I loved being flicked from loop too loops and shooting through the sky, lots of hidden rooms and parts of the level looking like a Pingball Machine, kept me entertained for hours.
Sonic become a global success, this cute little hedgehog, came with an attitude, he wanted to the played with and if he wasn’t plenty foot tapping happened!
Sega had released a couple of sequels, in the coming years. Also introduced a few additional characters, his buddy Tails and girlfriend, Amy. Sonic could now be found everywhere. Later in life he was the new ambassador for Sega Saturn, launched in 1996, same time as The Sony PlayStation. The Playstation pushed Sonic 3D Blast and Saturn out of the window, down the road, until it really fizzled out. It took a couple of years for Sonic to find his feet again, eventually the console wars had begun all battling for the number one title. PlayStation 2, Nintendo Gamecube, Sega The Dreamcast and Mircosofts Xbox where on the Market. During this time Sonic fan played him on the Dreamcast. But due to the demand of the other consoles Sega hardware cessed.
However Luckily for Sonic, he continued to live on including appearing with other companies, such as Nintendo. In 2007 Mario and Sonic where released at the Olympic games, bring them both equal success. I regard myself as Sonic fan and miss Sonic on the Mega Drive. I had download Sonic on to my Iphone and still enjoy playing this retro game and my 3yo son likes to have a blast too!
To mark the 20th anniversary, Sega will be releasing Sonic Generations. A combination of modern, classic Sonic, with a 3D style, so you diehard and new Sonic fans watch this space, Sonic could be back on the leader board.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

HOTPANTS! Yeah they'll make you HOT!

Okay my long a waited review for my beloved Hotpants!
A few months ago in Twitter I saw a Company; Hotpants offering a free pair of their Hotpants. I had an image of a sexy pair of shorts, not for me and my massive backside! However after a bit of research I saw that these shorts where supposedly magical and help weight loss! Well, I jumped at the chance. Anything to help me shifted a few pounds I was there with bells on top! Don’t get me wrong I was very sceptical about these wonder pants, but I wanted to make my own mind up, so I decided to give it my all!

I had to wait a few weeks before they could be delivered the demand on them where absolutely phenomenal, 3 weeks waiting period. I understand this has now changed just a couple of days (UK).
Started 2nd July: After wearing my Hotpants for 2 weeks,
Measurements taken on day 15
I lost 7lb in total
Lost 2.5 Inches from my Waist
Almost 3 Inches from my Hips
& 4 Inches on my Right Thigh
I was so uber impressed with my results I continued this experiment; during this time I had tore my calf muscle, I could not do any exercise for 7 days, very annoying.
16th July: Started After wearing my Hotpants for 4 weeks,
Measurements taken on day 29
I lost a further 2lbs, 9lbs in total
Lost just under 5 inches from my Waist
Only 1 Inches in total from my Hips in total (my hips went up)
& 4 Inches on my Right Thigh – remained the same!
I am true believer that Hotpants will aid weight loss, they concentrate on the target area they cover. My Hotpant pulled up over my waist and didn’t roll down, hence they had a maximum affect on my waistline. The first couple of workouts were very hard, I started sweating during the warm-up, by the time my workout over was, I would be soaking wet. At first the actual Hotpants restricted in my movements between my waist and hips, I could not move them in opposite directions but, after a few wears/washes I could move with ease. Now there are like a second skin, very comfortable to wear, during the day, exercise, gym and even to sleep in.
I actually started working out a month before my hotpants arrived, but I only lost 4lbs in that time! During this period I started eating healthier, cutting out hard cheeses, red meat, swapping normal products for the low fat/calorie varieties. Eating less carbs, cutting down on rice too. So I was very disappointed that my weight was not going down.

I knew I had to get active for changes to happen. I started working out to the Zumba DVD 4 disc collection at home. For the first 7 days I followed their beginners program.

This had got me used to the moves (not the tricky ones) but I was feeling & enjoying it

Thereafter I had followed their Get Super-Sculpted Day 10 routine - I actually did this 3 weeks
I tried to stick to this routine, however I may had skipped an odd day here are there. But as I said my weight was not going down. But my fitness levels were increasing.
I was feeling very confident in the routines. I had step it up. So I changed my routine to the harder cardio workouts.

I found that doing Zumba Live felt very energetic, a bit like an Aerobic routine,I also added the Zumba Abs, I wanted to focus on this problem area of mine.

Hotpants have helped me lose weight and shape my body. I recommend being active, to get awesome results I found working out building a sweat in them works, the more I sweated the more weight I loss. If I can’t work out in them, I'll wear them for long periods of time. I recommend having 2 shorts to wear (they take a long time to dry).
I stopped wearing my Hotpants when I started going to the gym (2 months ago), I just wanted to get used to a new environment (during the first month only). From the 2nd month I now wear them all the time. I really noticed that I heat up so fast, I sweat bucket loads, my skin looks fresh, feels smoother, my cellulite looks reduced in appearance, even my boyfriend has notice the difference.
I recommend this product! HOTPANTS ARE GREAT!
Now to date; Results... I’ve lost 1 stone 6lbs
I have lost 6 Inches off my Waist
Almost 3.5 Inches off my Hips
& Just over 5 inches off my Right Thigh
I have a 2nd pair of pants I’ve gone from a large to medium!
Now For the Science:
How it Works (taken off their website) >>HOW-IT-WORKS<<
HOTPANTS™ contains Celu‐Lite™ technology which maximises the results of your workout by heating those areas covered by HOTPANTS™.
Celu‐Lite™ technology reflects back the heat naturally generated by the body to promote deeper warming of your tissue leading to higher levels of perspiration and therefore breaking down fat and toxins that contribute to the appearance of cellulite.

Hotpants can be purchased direct from their website, prices start from £29.00 definitely value for money.
They are hard wearing, just following washing & drying instructions. NB: as I am getting smaller the bottom leg holes started to get a little baggy, I popped them in the washing machine on a 30 degree wash, they are like new again! (Be ensured this was a one off) and always hang to dry.
If you interested in this fabulous product please have a look at their Website and Facebook page!
Facebook: Zaggora

Friday, 14 October 2011

Iphone 3G - My beloved gadget

Well, I have had my Iphone 3G for 18months. It’s actually very much part of my life; I use it constantly, it gets taken everywhere with me.
In this day and age, technology is continually revolving. Apple recently launched the iPad2 and I’m hearing whispers of the imminent release of IPhone 5 in Japan.
When I first got my hands of my IPhone, it was a revolutionary piece of tech. Visually it is similar to the IPod 80gb in size, cute in appearance and appeals to everyone. It has a fabulous feel in your hands, feeling solid with a nice weight to it. The handset came with a plug in the wall charger, not having to charge it to a PC does come in handy, also came a set of headphones.
The first thing that stands out is its touch screen, touch the icons rather than pushing buttons? It’s not the first to have touch screen technology but due to its intuitive layout its certainly history in the making, it didn’t take me long to familiarise myself with this.

Obviously, it’s sold as a mobile phone, there is the Phone icon. There is a separate icon for Contacts where you could upload your saved contacts from you Sim card and add new ones.
I have the following icons;
Messages, Notes (notepad), as standard, the Utilities; Clock, Calculator, Voice Memos, Calendar, Weather, Stocks, Maps, Settings, Photos and Camera.
Also Safari, Mail (link to your personal email account) and an IPod. Being an Apple product you get ITunes & App Store. These make the IPhone incredibly superior, no-other Smart/Android phone manufacturer can use these applications.
When I first got the IPhone I wanted to play with it but ,not sure what to explore I first went for the IPod App , being quite similar with my actual IPod. Once I had synced my phone to ITunes. Using the IPod feature was brilliant and I was happy enough to listen to the music through the built in-speaker, which were small but powerful enough to listen and lights up any room with some beats. Then the YouTube App really excited me, as I was able to view my favourite music clips on my phone clearly with no bugs, Wow, unbelievable. My boyfriend had a BlackBerry, it is awful for playing YouTube clips as it freezed all the time. Ha Ha mine is already better I thought.
I wanted to have a mobile mostly to access the internet. My other interest is taking photo and video clips. I had a new born baby and wanted to capture all of his magical moments.
I wasn’t too keen on the Camera App, I found it very basic, tap and take photo, no zoom, no flash, no enhancing , also no Video App. However, I realised... Hello App store, it’s the whole purpose of having this at your finger tips. I searched for a better Camera/Video App. There are plenty to choose from and ranging from free to a few pounds, genius.
This started the cogs churning in my mind, what to add to my IPhone... First I added Facebook! Well, if I have to be honest that’s why I wanted the internet.
Now games, stacks of them. My Boyfriend shouting at me “DoodleJump” Doodle What... Haha, I like this, so simple and addictive to play
Now there are Apps for everything, Apps for making Apps - Ripe! Shopping, for the connoisseur shopper with Harrods too me shopping at Tesco’s. Lifestyle, Entertainment, Social Networking to name a few. These are forever changing and multiplying
I love my phone, it is a Smart phone, it’s amazing. I can’t get over that someone else can text or email me an address and I can look it up without moving to a PC, the Map App shows me how to walk there if I wanted to know. The built in GPS will even show me as a flashing dot walking and my whereabouts!
I could be sitting in Hyde Park playing with my family, in a few taps I can show my friends on FB & Twitter where I am and even add photos. I can play Bejewelled on the tube to kill time. I have even missed my stop because of that. I have added learning Apps for my son. Downside occasionally he doesn’t want to give my IPhone back to me.
I was recently introduced to IBooks, Awesome. Up-loading books and seeing them just as published, its magical. I could not live without my IPhone, without it my fruit basket whole feel very empty.
It is so useful, take it to bed with you... have your favourite song as your alarm!
All the Apps you purchase, if they get updated by the suppler, you’ll be sent notifications to update the current App you have, usually free.
I recommend the IPhone, the Smart Phone is the way forward, but this started the Apple revolution. Prices can vary depending however much memory it has, it currently comes in Black or White. I also recommend taking out insurance for it. And if you like accessorising, brilliant there are cases and screen protectors in abundance.
Also, I Live in Central London, it very rare I cannot get reception, so no complaints here. I did come across one fault a few months ago, at the back of the phone a small crack appeared in the centre, the crack eventually got longer. I took it to the Apple Store, they swapped it for a reconditioned phone at no charge.
For me it’s a great gadget, elegant in appearance and has so many uses other than being a mobile phone.

5 out of 5 stars
Prices for a new handset £349 for the Iphone 3G 8GB. Worth every penny!

Family Wii Fun - Just Dance (Original)

I’m not a massive gamer but I love to play games that involve my family and keep me fit...
Just Dance! Does exactly what it says on the tin!
With more than 30 chart-topping tracks, from rock, disco, hip-hop, pop, dating through the years, with even recent hits included, like Hot N Cold by Katy Perry.
It’s a very simple game to play, just as long as you have plenty of floor space to dance, you should be ready to have some fun and boogie away.
I brought the game because I had family coming over for a party, a large group of 20ish people and a mixture of ages 14 – 60. I wanted something everyone could play, like the adverts show. To be honest I was not disappointed. Because, of the wide range of tunes, everyone found something they enjoyed and everyone including my mum (60) had a go and enjoyed it.
It’s very easy to use; hold the Wii controller and follow the characters movements on the screen. Based on the accuracy of your movements, in time to the music, your performance will determine your score. It can get very competitive. Even then you play alone. You score is shown on the TV and will increase during play. Your moves are rated during play, X=Bad move, OK=Okay, Great=You’re fantastic then your TV comes alive and flashes because you’re doing so well.
After a couple of continuous goes, you should work up a sweat. Again, I would recommend if you wanted to exercise, it could be used as an exercise tool to lose weight, in private.
You can play one too four players all alike. There is a quick mode, you’ll dance for 1 minute to your chosen track, getting you to learn the moves and you’d be scored. However I haven’t really used this setting. I have chosen the longer track (Classic) version each time , 3 minutes. Which I find much more fun, you get to learn the moves and actual remember them.
Last One Standing, at the beginning you have seven lives, each incorrect move makes you lose a life. You can regain a life successfully completing a combo of five, Great moves. When all your lives are gone you are eliminated (I have never played this function)
Strike A Pose, the dancers moves when the green light is on and stops when its red. Moving when the red light is on will lose your points, gain them when the green light is on. Really good fun, you can get into dancing and forget to stop dancing.
Anyone can play and you don’t have to be a great mover on the dance floor to have fun.
Recommend to use if you have plenty of floor space, my lounge is spacious but for a strange reason everyone still ended up being space invaders, so be careful. Getting whacked can hurt especially little people.
There’s a full selection of music however if your intention is to use this on a regular basis, you may get bored of the same tracks. I have used this alone too, and found it fun, mostly laughing at myself, happy no-one else could see me, looking rather silly. Its great the parties, families get together or friends wanting to have a laugh and wanting some entertainment.
Also the rating is from 3, my son is a 3yo, and I wouldn’t let him play, he cannot concentrate on the TV for more than a couple of seconds and prefers to try to hold my legs rather than let me dance.

Currently it's being sold for £13.99 on Amazon

I'm sure you can purchase it on Ebay cheaper. I'd give it a 4 out of 5 stars rating

Monday, 19 September 2011

I am Still Aching!!

I am so lucky, my asked my best friend, Christine to join me at the Gym on Saturday...
He-he, I had a plan to gather as much knowledge from her as possible.
So you get a little back ground, Chrissy has been my best mate since I was 16! She has recently lost just under 3 stones (in a record 4 months), with her Personal Trainer,  Freddie Hick, whom is part of the UK Strong man team, currently no 2 in the UK.
Now to achieve weight-loss, rather then exercising doing Cardio workouts only, I'm going to incorporate free weights on a high protein diet.
Christine was kind enough to put a program together for me, along the lines Freddie had put together for her.

5 minutes or fast walking or jogging
If walking do this on 5 incline

4x10 - 10kg Kettle Bell Squats
(Back Straight, shoulders back - weight between legs, no need to put the weight on the floor, legs wide apart, toes pointing out)
4x10 - 20kg (Bar only) Squat Rack Squats
(Make sure the bar is on the fleshing part of my back not neck - bum must be pushed out as much as possible, almost sitting down)
Do Walking Lunges, walk 30 meters with 8kg Dumb Bells (4kg in each hand)


3x10 - 12.5kg Chest-Press
3x10 - 10kg Bell Bar (bar only) Start on neck and shoulders, push over head and stretch arms up above head, lifted
2x10 - 12kg (6kg in each hand) Flies - Lying on my back, arms stretched out sideways, bringing them up together and down again.   
2x15 - 8kg (one Fat weight) Behind Head Lifts - Working Triceps


3x10 - 4kg Medicine Ball Sit-ups
3x10 - 4kg Medicine Ball Side to Side sit-ups
3x1 minute Planks
3x1 minute Leg Raises (As many as I can do)

Must stretched out worked areas, can do this on the PowerPlates, hold positions for at less 30sec

15 Minutes on the Treadmill - Either
Walk for 2 minutes and then run for 2 minutes
When I am comfortable with running only, change the pace every 2 minutes, pace 8 then pace 9.5, then back to pace 8.

She has given me some TIPS:
Eat a banana 1 hour before training
Try and eat a Protein bar once finished
Workout at least 4 times a week but no more then 6.
Very Important: Work on either Upper or Lower Body & rest this area the following day to ensure the muscles repair!!!

She's also advance that it is best to start a Weight routine and finish off with a Cardio workout, as you burn more fat!

Also no Carbohydrates after 3pm! This is going to be really hard, but I will try my hardest!
I am a fussy eater, I don't eat fish, chicken and most meats...  Eggs and cottage cheese will be my best friends.

Please note Christine is NOT a Personal Trainer, she has just started her GNVQ level 2 instructors training course.  She may very well follow this with the Personal Trainers Course.
This routine is designed for me.