Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Minecraft series 3, Steve with a Minecart & Zombie Pigman Pack review.

If you have kids I presume you have heard of Minecraft.  I first heard of Minecraft a few years ago, I vaguely remember being asked to buy some strange block toys.

At the time I didn't get them, was it a game?  Should they be like lego and connect together?  Did they have a purpose?  Are they collectables?  Each person or very strange looking figure came with a block and a little extra.

James and Liam absolutely loved them.  Soon all the blocks fell into place, our world was turned on it's head.  Minecraft the video game was born and taken our house over.  It is Minecraft this, Minecraft that, the game has really gripped my boys and the majority of their friends.  Over the years it is evolving slowly, lots of new characters and I rather like the spin off video game Minecraft Story mode.

My little gamer dudes adore Minecraft, with all of the extensions of the merchandise is a bonus for them. 

The original characters from Series 1, every Minecraft fan little dream Steve, Enderman and grass blocks.  It doesn't matter if they are so called baddies or goodies, they are all very popular.

Recently, I have been sent a couple of their latest character sets from series 3.  Steve with a Minecart and torch.  Perfect for travelling quickly and running away from all the baddies.
Steve can sit in the cart, the cart has wheels and can be pushed around.  It is great as it has a function.  Steve looks exactly the same as his video game character. 

We also received a Zombie Pigman Pack.  He is my favourite.  Just because his character is newer than the original ones.  He also looks rather funky compared to the other.  Lots of colour making him standout, half pig, half zombie man.  They are rather strong in the video game too. 

These sets are excellence quality, smooth, no sharp corners.  The new sets all gel with the existing sets.

When James and Liam received the packs they screamed the house down.  These little sets went down a dream.

Let me introduce you to my sons, who will explain their new toys!

Both of these Minecraft sets can be purchased Smyths Toys;
RRP is £7.99 however they are being sold in all major toy stores and are available online.
There are plenty of great new characters to collect!

Who is favourite, let me know. I love hearing from you.

Disclaimer: We were sent a couple of sets for an honest review.  

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Natural History Museum, Ice Rink Open until 8th Jan 2017 - The Review

I have had a busy few weeks, I worked over Christmas and New Years.  Unfortunately I didn't have much family time during the festive period.  We needed some quality time together.
Luckily we were invited by Regatta The Out-Door Clothes Company to The Natural History Museum Ice-Rink over the Christmas holiday.  We have been to both the Natural History and Science Museum's many times.  However we have never been ice-skating anywhere.  James and Liam have never been, I haven't been since my teens... This is a very long time ago.

It is always nice to take my sons to new places and get them to experience new things.  We headed to London, it took us an hour to reach South Kensington from our Hertfordshire home.  Navigating the London underground system like professionals, it was easy.  However I will offer you some advice, do not travel before 8.45 and between 16.45 and 19.30.  Peak-times also known as the Rush Hour.  It's a nightmare with children, you and your kids will be battered by the 9-5 working crew.

We reached The Ice-Rink for 2pm, we had time too swap our shoes for ice-skating boots.  If your children are beginners you can hire Penguins, at £5 a pop.  To be honest these are value for money, I would not of been able to guide 2 beginners around the rink by myself.

You can leave valuables at the desk for £2, I choose to do this as my handbag would of got in the way.

a) I have not been skating in years.  However as a child I used to roller skate everywhere.
b) Darren aka daddy/other-half, can't skate while he seem keen prior to arrival. The look of panic was setting in.
c) Once the skates were on Darren was now giving off a hint of an angry vibe.

These are the moments I wish I had a magic wand to ensure everyone will be okay.  No-one wants to get hurt, fall over for that epic fail moment and look like a whally in front of their kids.

Feeling eager I led the kids to the ice to meet their penguins.  Walking in the stake boots in the lounge area is so easy.  The kids looked surprised and held on to their penguins for dear life.  Darren was already on the ice-rink, hosting white knuckles holding on to the side and walking the ice-rink.  He kept on slipping, I had to hide my face from the giggling. At first he wasn't enjoying the experience, he started relaxing when he saw me and the boys were okay.

Surprising a lot of people were holding on and walking around.  Even I started holding on, however with both boys on their penguins.  Liam was doing an impression of Fred Flint, twinkle toes feet, his feet were going really fast but he was going nowhere.  James on the other hand was showing much potential, he was keeping walking pace, but kept going in the wrong direction, he was trying to get around.

I soon let go and mostly helped Liam get around, now James was building up his confidence and would go off alone, very excited he would try to lap us.  The funniest times, would be when they fell on their bums, thankfully no-one got hurt, just cold bums and legs.  It was funny, not serious and made the experience a good laugh.

Darren was on the sidelines watching us now.  He was smiling now and feeling more himself.  I would leave the boys near their dad to whiz off and do a lap.  I was like a duck to water, I could skate fast, but felt a little shaky if anyone got too close to me.

We had a fantastic time, even thou I wasn't too sure what would happen with 3 beginners, we all found our feet and had a great time.  Even Darren watching from the safety of the sideline said he enjoyed watching us.

The ice-rink wasn't over crowded, it had a lovely family feel to it, lots of staff on hand, helping adults and children to get around.  I was worried an hour would be too long, thinking the boys would want to get off.  I was wrong, they didn't need to rest.  We all left with big appetites, feeling happy and both James and Liam are desperate to return.

The Natural History Museum opens their ice-rink once a year for a few weeks over the Christmas and New Years period, they even host an event at a local Night Club on the 31st December.
During the day it does get very bust at times, however they do have safety guidelines and cant go over numbers.  I would recommend prebooking your session online and get there early, giving yourself enough time to change.  If you require Penguin hire they are limited to each session, get them early to avoid disappointment.

Each session last for an hour, this is perfect for the family.  It is also reasonable priced. Adults from £12.65, children from £8.80, families from £39.60 - Booking fee on top.

There is also a mini ice-rink for very little people.  If you get hungry, The Cafe Bar serves all manner of snacks, cakes, hot food, tea and alcoholic beverages. 

The waiting/changing rooms are warm too.  The bathrooms are also kept clean.

There is no minimum age, children aged 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Skate hire is free of charge. Sizes range from child size 7 (Euro 25) to adult 15.

This is the last weekend.  So if you fancy doing something fun in London and still holding on to the Christmas vibe.  I recommend get over to the Natural History Museum this weekend.

Opening Times:
Saturday: 9.00 - 23.00
Sunday: 9.00 - 22.00

2 - 8 January 2017

Monday - Wednesday: 9.00 - 22.00
Thursday - Saturday: 9.00 - 23.00
Sunday: 9.00 - 22.00
- See more at:

2 - 8 January 2017

Monday - Wednesday: 9.00 - 22.00
Thursday - Saturday: 9.00 - 23.00
Sunday: 9.00 - 22.00
- See more at:
Saturday 9.00 - 23.00
Sunday    9.00 - 22.00

I would like to thanks Regatta Outdoor clothes, not only did they invite our for a groovy day out, they sent us our beautiful, warm and comfortable winter jackets.

Disclaimer: We were invited and sent some beautiful jackets for an honest review.

If you are in London, get your skates on head to Natural history Museum's Ice-Rink. Be sure to say hi, I love reading your comments.

Friday, 16 December 2016

#WIN 12 Days of Skylanders - #SkylandersImaginators Advent - Started 12.12.16

For all of you SKYLANDERS FANS!!! I am happy to be hosting the best Skylanders giveaway this year!!! 

Skylanders have teamed up with 6 AWESOME Bloggers to give you 12 Days of Skylanders giveaway.

We have 12 fabulous prizes! Each blogger has 24 hours to host their giveaway:

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Starter Pack                                                  Kaos, Jingle Bell Chompy Mage and Bad Juju

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We are all giving away AWESOME characters,
3 Imaginator Senseis Kaos, Jingle Bell Chompy Mage and Bad Juju.

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And so on!!

So what are you waiting for!!! Good luck Skylanders Buddies 
Wishing you a fantastic Gaming Christmas 

Disclaimer: Please note this is un sponsored post, however we have been given a some Imaginators as a thank you.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Coming before Christmas, Kidscast TV APP! and a great giveaway enter now

Kidscast is coming soon, which is a new entertainment app for 'KIDS'.  Perfect for our younger generation to learn and be entertained in the comfort of their own homes.  It's packed full of shows, games and activities.  Perfect for this coming Christmas.

The website is user-friendly great from younger kids too, as the app to aimed to 3-12 years. 
There is a monthly subscription of £3.99 for the app which is available on iTunes and Google stores. 
Kids have plenty here to keep them amused for hours, they can watch cartoons and kids shows, play awesome games and so much more!  


Kids Cast is advert free also their are no horrible external links with in-app purchases. 

The great news Kids Cast is offering a 7 days free Trail! CLICK HERE >> link

 Here are some of the fantastic show that will be available!!! Some old and new too 

What’s on Kidscast over Christmas

Little Monsters

Little Monsters is a British animated children's television that ran from 1998–1999 on BBC1. This children’s animated series follows little monsters in their funny and fascinating adventures.

Microscopic Milton 

Children's animated shorts featuring a tiny character who lives in a clock in Mrs Witherspoon's house. Only his friend Douglas, a shaggy dog, knows that he is there. A lovely and charming series that children will fall in love with.

Om Nom Stories

Featuring the energetic character Om Nom on the latest adventures, the cute little green monster from Cut the Rope.

Cockleshell Bay

Charming British animated series about two children, Robin and Rosie, who have moved with their family to the seaside town of the title in order to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Beautiful series that is a pleasure to watch and share with the family.

Alias the Jester

The show follows the adventures of a time traveller by the name of Alias and his dog-like companion Boswell. Alias the Jester - A "time traveller bold" as said in the title track. After crashing in the Middle Ages he gets a job as a jester for King Arthur. He also fights crime as the Red Knight, who the wizard Meredith believes he summoned. Boswell - Alias' dog-like alien companion, apparently possessing a fairly high intellect as he is able to understand Alias and take orders. Very entertaining series that’s kids will love!

Creepy Crawlies

Creepy Crawlies was a stop motion animation series following the characters on their latest adventures.

Victor & Hugo

The misadventures of two bumbling burglar brothers, tall and thin leader Victor, who's vain and selfish, and short and chubby Hugo, who's silly and fun-loving. Plenty of fun to be had watching the entertaining series.


Sooty is a loveable and innocent British born children's television series. These retro episodes pull on the heart strings of parents across the UK and provide the opportunity to share those special memories with their children too. With Sooty, Sweep and Sue around there is always fun to be had!


Rainbow ran on ITV for 20 years, mostly at lunchtimes. It became one of the highest rating children shows of all time and one of most enduringly popular. After over 1500 shows, Rainbow came to an end in 1992, but the show remains a massive success with people of all ages. Originally it was intended to develop language and number skills for pre-school children and feature the iconic characters Bungle, George and Zippy!

The Wind in the Willows

The Wind in the Willows is a TV series that was originally broadcast between 1984 and 1987, based on characters from Kenneth Grahame's classic story The Wind in the Willows. Follow Mr Toad and friends on their magical and charming adventures.

I am pleased to be able to give one of my fantastic followers a super prize:
Multi-award winning Whisbear® The Humming Bear is an innovative sleep aid created by two Mothers. Based on their own experience, they have designed a product aimed to help newborns with a smooth transition from a prenatal to postnatal life by recreating soothing sounds of the womb. Whisbear® is the first sleep aid  featuring the CRYsensor, an intelligent device that automatically activates calming white noise when your baby starts crying. But Whisbear® is so much more than just a sleep product. It is also a sensory toy, a unique playtime companion that promotes both - fine motor and sensory development skills

If this is the first you have heard of Kidscast, pop on over and take a look! You may even like it.
I have a special giveaway, a Multi-award winning Whisbear® The Humming Bear is an innovative sleep aid created by two Mothers. Based on their own experience, they have designed a product aimed to help newborns with a smooth transition from a prenatal to postnatal life by recreating soothing sounds of the womb. Whisbear® is the first sleep aid  featuring the CRYsensor, an intelligent device that automatically activates calming white noise when your baby starts crying. But Whisbear® is so much more than just a sleep product. It is also a sensory toy, a unique playtime companion that promotes both - fine motor and sensory development skills (Please note colour may vary).

Make sure to enter a great gadget for any little baby!  

 Please follow the 5 steps:
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Ends 18th December 2016
Open to UK residence only
Only open 18+ (If you are younger please ask a parent to enter)
 - Winner contacted soon after and details made public on my social media sites.  

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Cotswold RAW Award winning RAW Dog Food, Tyson loved them! The Review

I have been given some new exciting brands to test out.  However on this occasion it is Tyson whom is the lucky recipient. 
Can you imagine given you dog the best dog food money can buy, fresh, meaty and made with love.

Cotswold Raw introduced me to their brand, they have a range of dogs foods, made with raw meat and bones, seasonal fruit and vegetables.

The Cotswolds Premium Raw Dog Food Company, is a family run business, with dogs of their own.  They made the decision to switch their dogs diets to RAW foods.

Eating RAW means the products are keeping their natural minerals. The process of cooking foods mean they lose their nutritional levels.  

They noticed first hand the change in their dogs, their behaviour, digestion and overall health and appearance.  Since 2014 they have been working independently to develop and produce high quality Biological Appropriate Raw Food BARF for dogs.

Cotsworld Raw offers the following ranges for Puppies, Senior, Active, Less Active and Endurance.  The packaging is clearly labelled, with a good range of flavours.  Lamb, chicken, Beef, Turkey and Tripe and beef. 

I received their 80/20 Active mince and Sausages samples for Tyson.  Upon opening the packages, the dog food looks like real human food. (make sure not to mix it up with your meat in the freezer) I was tempted to cook the sausages.  However Tyson went bonkers, flaring his nostrils and bashing me to go faster.

Serving: 1 sausage equals 100g.  Tyson is a large dog at 35kg he needs about 800g potion a day.

All I can say is the dog food was in his dog bowl for seconds.  When he finished I could see the smile on his face, he left the kitchen grinning.  He was super satisfied after eating, he usually goes to bed after food, however he has been pushed up against me, snoring his little face off.  One very loved up dog, he does like this much more than his dried food.  

It is still early days to see any changes in his appearance, what I have noticed is he has stopped farting. Which is a blessing as they stink.   This change has happened immediately.

I love the idea of feeding dogs, real raw meat, anything that can replicate a dogs natural diet, perfect for their digestion system, it has to be really good for them.  I am sure in the long run the benefits are noticeable.

Cotsword RAW is available to buy online pricing varies:
Starting from £2.15 (puppy food).  
The Active foods start from £3.45 depending on the meat.

Also Cotswold Raw is an Award winning Dog Food
Pet Product Innovation of the Year - (Food/Treats) 
They won Gold  - Well Deserved

Disclaimer: Tyson was sent some samples, on his reaction I have reviewed this fantastic product.  He may not speak but he his actions speak volumes.

If Tyson is happy. I am happy! Let me know if you plan to treat your dog this Christmas.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Make Christmas magic for your little ones with #PortableNorthPole's FREE personalized videos from @PNPSanta!

Christmas is coming and it's such a magical time of the year.  I love  the whole build up to the big day.  Most of all the sense of love and togetherness and sharing quality time with my family.  I love watching the faces of my kids when they open their presents. We can't wait to spend some Christmas time together, I am counting down the days.

The last couple of years I have been using PNP, Porter North Pole.  It's a kniffy little app and online tool that keeps the magic alive with personal messages from Santa, to your family and friends.  Last year I reviewed PNP for you: Portable North Pole 

This great app, it is easy to use, just upload the photos you want to use and complete the personal details of the recipient. Pick either video or telephone massage options. The whole process does not take long.  The finish product looks fantastic and both videos and phone massages sound so authentic.
Santa is jolly, cosy and welcoming and captivating.

The completed messages are easy to forward, making sharing with friends, family and on your social media sites simple too. Even sharing via email is an option.

Fabulous Christmas message for everyone to be had.

Santa rules here, he comes alive at our finger tips.  Its a quick way to get messages to loved one, at home or even far away   The little kiddies and even the cheeky adults adore him too.  PNP could be real life or fantasy its great fun for everyone.

Even thou James and Liam are getting bigger, they still both believe in Santa, well, they talk about him as if he is real.  James recently mentioned he doesn't believe in the Tooth fairy any more because of what someone said at school.  Phew! The Easter Bunny and Santa still live on.

You can log-on and try a few features for free.  However if you want to whole shabang buy the Magic Pass, its only £10.00, worth every penny for hours of fun and the picture of kids faces is priceless.

We wish to a very happy Christmas, don't be shy, stop on by and say HELLO!

Disclaimer: This is an unsponsored post, I was given a magic pass to give an honest review.

Monday, 21 November 2016

Its never greener on the otherside! My home life

The last few months have been draining on me, I am tired all the time, I get up early everyday even on my days off, I go to bed late.   On occasion I work a 10 days stretch, I would get 4 days off however it feels so long.  

But its my home life that is hard, there is always something to do at home.  The cleaning, laundry, general house work never ends.  I feel like I am burning the candle at both ends, without the hardcore booze and fun.  The weeks, months have flashed by recently.  

I think how do other parents cope, surely not everyone is super beings.  I try to encourage my boyfriend to help more at home, hope it may lighten my load of chores at home.  Gentle encouragement comes across as a nagging misses!
He looks at me like I am taking the piss out of him.  Don't get me wrong, he helps and does his share.  He picks up the kids, walks the dog, makes them dinner, collects me from work.  I still expect him to do more, I always want more, 'whatever he does is never good enough'  His words not mine.  But it's true, I just want things done my way, done to perfection.

When I come home from work, its usually messy everywhere, my living room resembles a crime scene most nights but nothing has been stolen.  I continual repeat myself to my sons, 'Put your toys away, take your plates to the kitchen, put your uniforms away.'  The pair of them have deaf ears and their dad is blind to the chaos they cause at home.

I spend my days off work, cleaning, ironing, putting everything back in its place, it's exhausting.  I feel like I'm wasting my time.

My youngest is now insisting on sleeping in my bed every night, he wakes-up, walks into my bedroom and stands over me, waking me up, wanting to get in my bed.  Then I march him back to his bedroom and tuck him back in his bed.  
Bless him, if there was a world record for someone saying I love you.  I think he has won it.  He looks at me with sadness, I know he isn't coping well either.  I think the only way he can express himself is to say he wants to be with me all the time.  I feel guilty but I cant change me working and he cant sleep in my bed. 

On the plus side, I come home to hugs, kisses, even my dog is glued to my side.  Everyone wants, actually they all need attention, cuddles and kisses, they all want me.  Even when I am tired and feel like some me time or privacy, we have no rules, they smother me with affection, I cant even go for a pee with someone walking in, including the pooch, wanting a bum scratch.

Jeez my miss my family, being able to wake on the weekend without having to rush off somewhere is a luxury, currently I have no time for family and friends, my social life to zero.  

I am finding life such a struggle, I have to plan everything we do, everywhere we go, what we do, making sure the boys have clean clothes for Monday, their pack lunches ready, even clean cut nails,  et cetera, et cetera, et cetera!

We went into London to visit my family this weekend, it's the first time in 6 weeks I have seen my sisters and nieces.  Let me mention I haven't even seen my parents for months.  Both are physically unable to visit me.  I miss everyone very much.

But deep down inside my heart, I feel gutted, we live so far from my family, I have no support from them or friends.  We all live very different lives.  It's dawned on me how difficult my life is and how hard life is going to be.     

On our way home my oldest son looked in my eyes and said, mum you look so tired, your eyes are so puffy.  I had to explain I have bags.  It was funny, trying to explain that to him.  He hugged me and told me to sleep and that he would wake-up me when we reached our destination.

If you are lucky enough to be home with your children, treasure these moments.  These are truly the best times of our lives. 

I know there are million of parents, just the same as me.  If you are a super being, how do you cope? I wanna be like you.