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Friday, 27 March 2015

I'm a Celebrity... Get me out of here! #Review New attraction at Thorpe Park

Yesterday I had the privilege to being one of the first people to step inside 'I'm a Celebrity... Get me out of here!' A maze attraction at Thorpe Park.

Before its even opened to the general public, that happen today, 27th March 2015!  I was extremely honoured for starters as I got to try this before the Real Celebrities for its Premiere opening last night.

The Creative minds, The Engineers behind this project

From start to finish the project only took 6 months to build, from paper to people running wild inside, thats not bad, hey?  Of course the inspiration has come from the Great Television Show... I'm a Celebrity... get me out of here!   I love I'm a Celeb, I haven't missed a series yet, so I had high expectations for the day.

I don't want to give the game away but can you imagine, you done a few rides maybe a roller coaster or two, the adrenalin is pumping through your body and you fancy a little break.  Well welcome to the JUNGLE.  Ant and Dec will greet you with open arms just as they do to all their Celebrities...  They said, I'm a Celebrity... We hope you get out of there? 

You follow guides as they take you around the maze, there's Holey Moley...
You may find something hiding inside, just hope your lucky stars you get a good prize.

You'll be ducking and diving from room to room, there are 5 zones in total, the best way I can explain it, is its like the Crystal Maze Television show.  You feel part of a team, its an experience, a synergy everyone is working with you, you're running around wanting to win but not 100% sure whats coming around the corner or whats under your feet crawling on the floor so make sure to look out.

I'm a celeb just wouldn't be, without a Trial, The Chambers of Horrors will meet you here, get your answers wrong and you might get left behind covered in critters, ugly creepy bugs.  Be careful not to get them in your hair and down your back and don't look up you've no-idea what and if more may come down.  Just get the answers right and you could winning this Jungle fight.

The final trial will have you in the dark, just keep running, pushing, crawling and sliding around and don't forget to slam the button down to be Crowned King or Queen of the JUNGLE.

  I'm a Celebrity... Get me out of here!!!

Its a well thought out attraction, well executed and very entertaining.  Its great to go to a theme park, its even better when there's attractions to suit everyone, not everyone loves the thrill of the daredevil rides and this is well balanced for the folk that like to keep their feet firmly on the ground.  I personal really enjoyed I'm a Celebrity... Get me out of here!  I can't wait to go back.

I would like to thank Thorpe Park, I had a lovely day.  I came home exhausted with a big smile and fantastic goodie bags, that my kids loved.

Look at these... The chocolate ants got eaten in 2 minutes.  My boys even tired the ant lollies but after a few licks and sucks they got binned.  James told me he could see their eyes.

Disclaimer:  I was asked to come along and try the new attraction in return for a honest review.

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Thursday, 26 March 2015



In the last week the sun has been poking through, holidays are being booked, (cough, cough) diets are being restarted.  I myself have just started jogging again.  Just incase you can't be bothered with all of this fitness malarkey but want quick results I have an answer, its an actual miracle to be honest. 

Miraclesuit, making both swimwear and shapewear.  Miraclesuit Shapewear slogan is "Look 10lbs Lighter in 10 Seconds" they guarantee a flatter and streamline silhouette.

Its figure hugging construction, shapes the wearer, provides triple the holding power. Its been constructed with an new innovation fabric called Miratex, which has three times as much spandex as the average swimming costume.

Lucky for you, I have been given a beautiful swimsuit to give to one of my fabulous readers, from Patricia Eve, they are specialists in Shapewear, Swimwear, Nightwear and Underwear products.  Offering a whole host of brands.  

Iconique:  They showcase a beautiful line of summer wear, get ready to live in the Mediterranean with the Iconique  This collection shows the perfect Italian style and sophisticated taste.  One of favourites is this A-line dress, perfectly cut, I want it in all the fabulous colours. 

Vacanze Italiane: Ethnic, flowery and colourful in all manner of bold and mini printings, the collection of tropical lands, beautiful flowers and powerful animals.  Most definitely a luxurious brand.   I adore the Vacanze Cover Up; these beautiful trousers don't need an explanation, simply stunning, comfortable to wear, eye catching, with sexy open sides, very foxy indeed. 

Miraclesuit Shapewear: Fabulous shapewear, simply giving us ladies a natural nip and tuck, sucking us in, ensuring a couple of inches are tucked away and smoothed out of sight.  The Sexy Sheer Hi Waist Slip is a must for my wardrobe, its doesn't roll down or up, giving the prefect hourglass silhouette.  I need to look 10 lbs lighter here, yes please. 

These are just a few brands Patricia Eve offer.  Summer is just around the corner, Patricia Eve can brighten up any wardrobe with just a few selected pieces, so many statement pieces to choose from.   Don't be surprised where the outlets are? Figleaves.com, Simply Beach, Next, ASOS to name a couple.

Miraclesuit Swimwear: Every woman´s dream can come true with Miraclesuit, it has three times the "holding power" of the average swimsuit and accomplishes this without the conventional girdle control linings, simply engineered like no other swimsuit in the world.  Miraclesuit swimwear current line is full of vibrate colours, its a party on the beach, with a array of pretty colours, bold, flowers, dots, sexy sheer designs for all age groups. 

As promised I have Miraclesuit Swimwear costume to giveaway; as modeled here. I am giving away a size 12, its from the Sonita range; Blue. RRP £130.   Remember if you don't win, Patricia Eve is an UK distributor for Miraclesuit swimwear, featuring all the new season and latest styles.   All luxurious bands, feeling beautiful and looking magnificent!


T&Cs:  Please follow the 5 steps:
Follow Patricia Eve on Facebook, Follow Patricia Eve on Twitter, Follow me LondonBirdLucy on Twitter and ensure to tweet the Competition tweet. The #LBL Tweet and leave a comment on another blog post.
Ends 17th April - Open to UK residence only, 18+
 - Winner contacted soon after   

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Monday, 23 March 2015

Blaze and the Monster Machines #TwitterParty, Friday 6th March 2015 #NickJrBlaze


I was a party host for the premiere of Blaze and the Monster Machines. Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who joined in over on Twitter for the fun.  I had a house full of kids and parents, we had a stack of fabulous of activities as long as my arm to do, hence I didn't tweet too much however I hope I kept everyone in the loop.

So what did everyone think of Blaze and AJ and The Monster Machines?  I think they are pretty cool, most of all I had a bunch of children frozen to the TV very entertained.  

Blaze is the coolest Monster Truck in Axel City, Blaze his a great group of friends; AJ is his best friend, he is the only human driver to all the Monster machines, he has the need for speed too.   Would you like to meet the rest of the team? Gabby is a cool Mechanic, then theirs Crusher, Pickle, Darington, Starla, Stripes and Zeg.  Va va Vrooom!

If there is any sign of danger Blaze will be there.  Blaze is the sleek number one racer, such a hero in Axel City, he has the ability to transform himself into any machine, this comes in very handy when things get tough, he has scientific know-how to transform, always explaining what he has to do transform.

Blaze is unbeatable on the tracks thanks with his blazing speed. He is clever too. Blaze knows everything about science, technology, engineering and maths.  Educating through STEM.

Just incase you have missed Blaze he is on every day, Channel: Nick Jr at 4pm!

We had a fun packed afternoon, filled with lots of activities:

While watching Blaze and the Monster Machines we put our minds to the test and helped Blaze through the Maze, he had to find his way out.   I was very impressed, with the speed of my guests everyone completed the tasks in minutes.

Now who doesn't like treats?  Who hasn't like making things to eat?  We made our own Monster Machines.  Milky Ways in hand, Smarties for wheels and Jelly Babies drives. This was my favourite task, more funny ensuring the kids didn't eat the creations while making, it was so tempting.  The end results speak for themselves, smashing. 

Our next task was very tricky, we had massive boxes, straws, wooden wheels, long sticks, Plasticine and lots of stickers.  Working in group of 3 we made Monster Machines.  To be honest all the kids decided this wasnt for them and all the mums got stick-in, we laughed so much. We had 3 buses in the end and none of them moved they were so big.  But I love the idea of how easy they where to build, once we understood what to do.  I had seen some of the other bloggers with smaller vehicles and the worked a dream, so I would suggest egg boxes as they are small and compacted.

Our forth task was a lot more fun, we had some great coloured shapes and an assortment of coloured buttons.  The kids worked in groups and had to count the beads and the buttons.  It was lovely to see them work in teams and using the brains to get the correct answers.  Afterwards for for they drawe the drew the buttons and coloured them in.

We skipped the Sink or float test.  However I did this in the week with James and Liam. The really enjoyed the test.  Here our findings:

I thought I had this in the bag - I was wrong it wasn't that easy. James' guesses were very good.  Liam tried his best but alas a few tears as he kept getting them wrong.  I explained this is an experiment, we are all learning something new.  He felt better after his brother swapped mine and Liam's answers.  They are funny!  

We were lucky to be given a couple of Great Gizmos A Lemon clock and Jaws teeth hidden in a egg.  We couldn't get the lemon to work, shame as daddy was in charge of this one and tried his best.  The Jaws teeth was a huge success, we had the had the children taking turns in sawing the egg, all very excited to see what was hidden inside.  Mums loved this too, as it really keep the kids busy for a while.

I hope you have enjoyed our activities, maybe you feel inspired to try them at home.

Blaze will keep you using your imagination too, great for little minds to learnt something new as will as enjoy a great new cartoon.

Blaze and the Machine starts at 4pm every weekday

Channel: Nick Jr.
Sky Entertainment Extra Pack - 615
Virgin Media - Large or XL Packages - 715
Talk Talk - Kids Boost package - 559

James decided its that good, he camps out right in front of the TV!     

I hope you enjoyed Blaze and the Monster Machines as much as we do.
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Sunday, 22 March 2015

groov-e Kiddiez Headphones Review

I have been considering for a while getting my sons headphones.  The pair of them insist on turning the music up on all devices and they watch a lot of youtube clips.  I get to hear Evan HD and Skylander Dad talk the hind legs off a donkey.

Plus they have each accidentally broken a set of expensive headphones, so the temptation to let them use mine or their dads has warn off.

I spotted groov-e on Twitter they mostly sale speakers type devices, portable CD Players and iPad/mobile phone accessories.   I saw a set of children headphones advertised.  They looked bright, eye catches, not babyish looking.  I was kindly sent a pair to review.

My boys are 5 and 7 the Kiddiez headphones fit both of them, they have an adjustable headband, they even fit me too, even thou my head is massive in comparison.  We like these headphones, no sliding off their little heads, especially my youngest son.  Adults headphones are heavy and chunky, they would always slip off their heads.

The ears pads feel soft and comfortable.  This set of headphones have a lovely smooth finish to them. They don't look cheap nor do they feel cheap.  The wire cord has a good length.  The headphones have a motif of a groovy looking DJ on the side of them mixing some tunes.  They are very well made for children, the look nice and colourful too.


Now as you can you could imagine, my little music mad son was delighted.  He finally has own headphones.  He is currently learning Saturday Night by Whigfield & Wannabe by the Spicy Girl for his school performance in a couple of weeks.  He first tested them while singing very badly to Whigfield.  Lucky for him he couldn't heard his own voice. 

He loves the headphones.

One of the key factors is the volume only goes so high it has a volume limiter function no higher 85DB thus protecting childrens ears. They are very child friendly.

Groov Kiddies Headphones
They come in a excellent choice of colours, for boys and girls and unisex whatever suits your taste.

High quality 40mm Driver with Volume Limiter at 85DB - as per the safe listening regulations
Adjustable Headband
Soft Earpads
3.5mm Gold Plug and 1.2m cord length
Perfect for kids listening to their ipods, ipads, iphones, DVD players and more!

RRP: These are 12.99 however some of the other colours are cheaper, Kiddiez start from £9.29 - can be purchased via Amazon groov-e Kiddiez Headphones with free delivery. (detail currents are correct at the time of review)

I have to say these headphones are a bargain for their price and quality to spot on, I am very impressed. As a whole family we love them, the only down side is I have to get another set for my youngest son.

Please note I was sent these headphones in exchange for a honest review.  This was just a Groovy review to do.  I hope you enjoy it, thank you for popping by.

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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

What age would you let your child go to a public toilets alone.

I have 2 sons 5 and 7 years old.  When we go out I always take them to the ladies toilets.  Unless their dad is with us daddy takes them to the Mens toilets.   Its been an unwritten/unspoken rule, its just happens this way.

A few weeks ago I took my sons to the Natural History Museum, my older son wanted to use the toilets. I told him to come with me, he refused making a song and dance about wanting to use the mens toilets only.  I tried to explain the best I could he cant go alone, he had to come with me.

This caused totally confusion.  'Daddy has let me go by myself'

I later found out the boys went to a public toilet while shopping with their dad. He was checking the shopping out and they went to the bathroom together alone. 

I did what all mummies would do and flipped-out at daddy.  I don't think daddy will be letting them go anywhere alone.   

My dilemma, do I check the mens toilets before my sons want to go, go to the mens toilets with them  or insist they go to the ladies with me.  I prefer the ladies bathrooms.  I don't want to go the the urinals and feel embarrassed.  Then what happens when they get older, I definitely do not want to go in the mens.  

What do schools do?  Is this part of sex education? If sex education is going to be taught to young children will this be covered.  I do explain to my children 'There are bad people in the world - that may want to hurt them'.  But that's it, there's a huge black hole of what could happen.    

I remember growing up in the 80s.  I used to play out with my friends all the time, I would of been as young as 6 years old playing in the park at the bottom of our flats.  My mum would be checking up on us, looking over the balcony, making sure me and my friends were all okay.  One of her rules would be; if you need the toilet, you have to come home.  But being a girl life would of been easier for my mum, I always went to public toilets with her, simples!  However times have a changed, children do not play outside unattended not until they are a lot older.  Children shouldn't be left to go to the bathroom alone.

This is just one example of what happened to a 6 years old using a public toilet.
Independent News: Sexually assault in McDonalds

Could you imagine seeing a 68 men using a public toilet. I would think little old man wouldn't harm anyone, so wrong.
This little boy was so brave and told his mum what happened right away, not all kids would have.  This is an incident where someone was caught and put in prison.

If you have any ideas on how to explain safety to young children, I am all ears.  My 5 years is very swayed by his big brother, I don't want him being stubborn and waiting to go to the men's toilets only.

Also what is the appropriate age to a child go to a public toilets alone.

Thank you.
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Monday, 9 March 2015

The Luggage Room, Mayfair. An Education in the delights of Cocktails!


Tucked neatly out of sight at the foot steps of London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square, is a heavy black door taking you to the original 'Luggage Room' of the London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square.

The black door leads to the sophisticated Luggage Room.  The air is warm, the atmosphere comfortable, the lights on low, my eyes adjust to the light.  If you like nostalgia of the 1920s, this is the bar to come too.  Marbled floors, rolled chocolate leather seating areas, brass studs, symmetrical lines, mirrors and crystal decanters, handmade wine cabinets with period curiosities for us to admire.

The elegant bar is presented in a speakeasy style, the bar is intimate, small groups can enjoy the atmosphere.  Plenty is quiet tables for private conversation.  I personally like to stand at the bar, there so much going on and I want to see everything.  This is a beautiful bar, it oozes quality, showman ship and the bar is knee deep in style and personality where flavours of the highest standards are reached. 

My bartender for the evening is Chris Pawar.  Chris is the Head Bartender, he welcomes me and my fellow bloggers to his empire.  We are given a Rum Punch, as a palate cleanser.  A lovely refreshing mini cocktail, the fruit juice doesn't over power the rum, just leave my mouth waiting more.

Not only is Chris going to give his guests a history in cocktails but this is a working bar, he is working too.  He juggles educating and making cocktails at the same time, making it look effortless in the process.

The first thing I notice at the bar is the largest piece of ice I have ever seen.  Its as large as a beeze block but solid. Chris demonstrates with a big ice saw how to cut the ice.  Its all very impressive to watch, a little showmanship but the reason the ice block is used is to compliment the drinks.  The ice has been made from purified water, the block is crystal clear. Drinks are served with blocks of ice rather the traditional cubes, keeping ones cocktails drinks cold.  Cubes warm and dissolves quickly, diluting drinks, this changes the flavours and tarnishing a classy cocktail to a watery mess.  

Chris turns back the hands of time to 1806.  When the first printed reference to a 'cocktail' was made.
A cocktail is simply a stimulating liquor, composed of spirit, sugar, water and bitter! - This reference can found in 'The Savoy Cocktail Book'.  And yes, I do own my own copy!

For our 'Cocktail' Chris used a Jenever Gin.  Which is a Dutch Gin, most gins are Dutch, importing to the UK.  Even London Gin is imported. When you see label with reference to London Dry Gin is the dominant English style of Gin. Made not containing added sweetening exceeding 0.1 grams of sugars per litre of the final product.

Definitely a sipping cocktail, it hits hard on my taste buds, the next sip isn't so harsh, the Gin is strong there is no sweetness and its quite bitter.  Not a favourite to drink but a interesting drink.

The next cocktail to follow was a Tom Collins.  I have always known the Tom Collins to be created at The Savoy, however Chris tells a funny tell.  It could be named after a terrible joke.
A man goes to a bar... someone else tells him to get to the next bar, as soon as possible.  There's a man; Tom Collins, he is bad mouthing you, talking terrible things about you, you better go and sort him out.
This chap would dash into the next bar and ask for Tom Collins and handed this drink? Apparently this was called the Tom Collins hoax of 1874  and how The Tom Collins took off.   
The Tom Collins, is Gin based cocktail made with lemon juice, soda water and sugar.  Very refreshing, so easy to drink.  I felt like it was a spring day in my mouth, the Gin punching through.  Delicious!

Pressing through the hands of time 1919 was the beginning of the Prohibition.  The American government introduced the Prohibition, criminalising the manufacturing and sale of alcohol for 13 years.  Hence the high-proof spirit called moonshine or homemade “bathtub gin” was being sold on the black market everywhere.  However this tipple wasn't for everyone, people with a sensitive palates wanted booze without burning their mouths off, also most of the time who knew what went into these concoctions.

The Bees Knees - The term The Bee's knees' dates as early as the 20th century. Initially, it meant a nonsense expression that denoted something that didn't have any meaningful existence.  A Bees knees are tiny and useless.
This cocktail filled my mouth with happiness. Gin, fresh lemon juice, honey syrup.  Lemon and Honey would be available, cheap yet tasty ingredients.  
The term now changed to something magnificent! 'Its the Bees Knees' I agree whole heartily, my favourite cocktail of the evening. The lemon citrus zinging and moreish, the honey light and the gin so hearty.  I could drink this all night long.

This evening is an education, filled with elegance, style and forever fashionable taste.  Every lady loves a cocktail and champagne in on top of the list. 
The Old Cuban.  A modern cocktail, a grown-ups drink. The cocktail is fizzy, champagne, rum, mint and lime juice.  The champagne is wrapped up in the warm rum and the lime and mint peeks through, its rich, refreshing and leaves my cheeks glowing. 

Chris was an absolute pleasure to meet, a fine host.  He knew his stuff and shook-up some delicious cocktails.  He made me understand the true meaning to drinking a high end cocktail.  The Ice has to be cold, not crushed.  Even the straws are stainless steel here, the glasses are kept in the fridge.  Keeping everything chilled is achieve the optimum cocktail.   

The Luggage Room, Mayfairs Best kept secret!  I would say this is a true statement. A touch of class, a bar steeped in history, lessons to be learnt for all.  

I hope you get to meet Chris and his colleagues. 

I attended a mini mixology showcase, in return for an honest review. All view are my own!
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