Sunday, 4 February 2018

Ravensburger 3D Sneaker and Pen Pot Puzzle review

Ravensburger 3D Sneaker Puzzle.
Ravensburger have a fantastic new range of 3D puzzles, firstly they started marketing historical places of interest and now have added some fun new puzzles.

Ravensburger had been very kind and sent me their Union Jack Sneaker pen pot 3D puzzle.

James little face lite up with interest when I said this was a new project for us.
We opened the box to find 4 core plastic parts, 2 small packets of puzzle pieces and the instructions.

There are 108 puzzle pieces, there made from a durable plastic.  Printed on the inside of each piece is a number, each piece is numbered from 1 to 108. The pieces interlock with ease, all a hard shape and with structure.
3 core pieces that start the form of the sneaker, slot together prior to adding the puzzle pieces.
James and Liam opened the puzzle bags and grouped the numbers together. 0-9, 10-19 etc.

Then pieced the puzzle together.  I was very surprised at the speed they actual completed the puzzle. James asked for help once.  Once he added the pot the final piece, I could tell he felt very rewarded.

He gave it 10/10! It's the best puzzle he has ever made. Easy to piece together, he found it so much fun and now has a funky fun keepsake! 

If you fancy something a little different and still fun. You could always try and piece them together without looking at the number guide, now that would be challenging.

These puzzles are aimed to 8+
Being sold at approximately £15 from most retailers and online outlets.

This is in unsponsored, we had been gifted this puzzle for an honest review.

The Highway Rat by Julia Donaldson DVD on sale 5th of February

I am delighted to tell you that the latest Julia Donaldson children's book 'The Highway Rat. Has been transformed into a wonderful DVD.

Following the success of The Gruffalo, Room on a Broom and Stick man, which have all been some fantastic stories of ours at home.

This wonderful Story by Julia Donaldson has now been adapted to an animated film, still with a wonderful illustrations by Axel Scheffler.

This fun animation is due for release on Monday the 5th of February 2018, it is very fortunate to have a wonderful cast doing the voice overs, David Tennant, Rob Brydon Frances de la Tour, Tom Hollander and Nina Sosanya.

We've been very lucky to be able to watch the animation prior to its release date.

I have to say it's so much better than the book, even though the book is great to read with the children, my son seemed to get a lot of  enjoyment from watching the new film.  He also got a few great gifts, including the story book.

If you know the story it is great to sing along.

If you're looking for a new animation to buy your children, this this is a great buy with its rhyming lyrics and catchy tune and wonderful on the eye to watch.

The Highway Rat is available on Amazon at a presale price of £7 and it's due for release tomorrow.

This is a unsponsored post, I have been gifted some merchandise to bring you this wonderful news.  

Thursday, 1 February 2018


Following a month of strikes, delays and yet another spike in train fares, Gordon’s Gin has finally given commuters something to smile about – launching a service that can reward delayed rail passengers with either a half price or a free Gin & Tonic.

The service – called #YayDelay – uses an intelligent algorithm to monitor real-time train delays and tweets containing #YayDelay in order to unlock half price or free Gordon’s London Dry Gin & Tonic’s for frustrated commuters.

The service launches this Friday at one of London’s most delayed train stations, London Waterloo, but Gordon’s plan to go live in other stations across the country throughout the year. Train customers can tweet #YayDelay throughout 2018 to lobby for their station to be included.

Passengers travelling through London Waterloo between 5-6pm this Friday will need to keep their eyes peeled on to see if the volume of train delays and tweets triggers a free G&T. Vouchers can then be claimed online and redeemed at The Beer House within the station, allowing commuters to enjoy a Gordon’s Gin and tonic.
Brits spent over 3.6 million hours waiting for delayed trains in 2016-17 due to significantly delayed trains1. With a quarter of rail users also saying that punctuality is their biggest gripe2 when it comes to rail travel, if 2018 does bring more delays – at least some will become “YayDelay’s” thanks to Gordon’s Gin. 

Keep up-to-date with #YayDelay via the official hashtag on Twitter as well as online via